Brother + Sister Style Week 2

May 22, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm back with Week 2 of this project and Jack and I are still having an absolute blast. Since I chose our black + white theme last week, I decided it was only fair to let Jack have a hand in choosing this week's theme. We went to his room and I let him pick out a shirt and a pair of shorts, whichever ones he wanted. He picked a navy top and a pair of triangle patterned shorts. Then it dawned on me that our theme this week would be Mismatch!

For my outfit, I took inspiration from Jack's triangle print shorts. I found a stretchy cotton navy mini with a fun tribal print. To complete the easy going summer look I paired the skirt with a clashing striped tank and a solid navy tank. It was so hot when we took these pictures about midday, hence, the messy bun! 

I love this shot of Jack! He's so vibrant and happy looking! Every time we take pictures it's like one big session of play time. Jack really enjoys posing and jumping around. He loves to try out lots of new things and being outside is his favorite. A majority of our photos are highly organic, with us just playing around and capturing the process and I wouldn't have it any other way! The results are always such a surprise with so many silly, active, happy, crazy, and totally ridiculous shots in the mix. 

Jack is a little copy-cat. He's always the first to repeat something that's said or re-enact something he thinks is particularly amusing. I figure giving some kisses to the camera wouldn't be such a bad thing for him to copy! Haha!

This is one of those silly, random, completely un-staged photos that I love so much. Our expressions are so genuine. I was attempting to get him to hold still for a shot, but he (of course) resisted. 

Again, totally un-staged. I'm giggling at Jack, who's jumping around like a monkey behind where we have the camera set up! 

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