10 Things I've Learned Since Graduating High School

June 07, 2012

Come the fall I'll be starting my sophomore year of college. I'd just like lament a few things I've learned since I've been out of high school / my first year of college in no particular order. 

  1. Registering for classes will NEVER be an easy feat: It doesn't matter how prepared or well thought out you think your schedule for the upcoming semester is. It doesn't matter how many times you've checked and double checked your register time or how many schedules you've played around with until you've decided on 'the one.' Something will inevitably go horribly wrong. You'll need a department override (thanks art department for making me learn that the hard way and for making me dash at 8:05am to the art office ten minutes across campus in my PJ's to correct that nightmare). Better yet, you'll need an instructor override (Rooms learned this the hard way...and the instructor wouldn't grant her a spot though she had to take that class for her minor). You'll have to call and email a million people that don't seem to know how to help you until you end up talking to a department head who has a clue. Also, registrar office...you can kiss my ass.
  2. Never count on anyone to mail your transcripts: Again, I learned this the hard way. In high school, my counseling office never sent my transcripts to my college which delayed my acceptance months after it should've been. I was furious, demanded ten official copies so I could do any mailing myself from then on, and never relied on them ever again. Same thing happened at college. I had take concurrent courses through a small university close to home. That small university never sent those transcripts to my full time 4 year university and I wasn't able to register for a class I needed to in time for the spring. I have ten copies of that now too. 
  3. You will care about almost no one you graduated with: With the exception of close friends and 'break' acquaintance friends you hang out with only when you're home, you'll virtually care next to nothing about the people you once spent every boring drama-filled academic day of your life with. I love this fact. 
  4. Coming home you'll notice things you never have before: Have the signs always been blue around here? Hey, when did we get that new hibachi restaurant?!
  5. Hell, Apartments + College are expensive: 'nuff said. You're talking to a girl who's taking out loans to make this college thing happen. Also, I'm so happy + humble for my parent's assistance as well. I've learned to be so entirely thankful for my parent's support in so many areas of my life.
  6. Don't pre-game too hard: It really puts a damper on the entire night when you go down too quickly. Also, don't mix your wines (had to learn that one, unfortunately, the hard way).
  7. Don't wear high hells heels when 'going out' : Just don't. Sure they look amazing with your outfit and aren't too uncomfortable while you're strutting your stuff around the dorm room whilst getting ready. However, one unexpected twenty minute walk across campus to Kappa Sig on foot or one horrendous fall between Phi Delt and Lambda will forever change your mind. Wedges or flats sister! Again, learned the hard way by yours truly.
  8. Saving up is essential : The sooner you start, the more awesome. I've really been learning the importance of putting a little back each time I get money. 
  9. Your roommate will annoy the hell out of you : Well, every once and awhile. Enjoy your personal space and cherish the time you get to spend alone. Learn to pick and choose your battles. Goodness knows it's tempting to snap whenever you're obviously trying to type a paper that's due the next day and she's over there watching Weeds on full blast for like tenth night in a row. It's called headphones. Gah. 
  10. Realize that you're lucky : You're lucky to be in college or to have amazing family/friends, a decent job, a great apartment, a cuddly pet, an easy weekend, a new dress, food in your tummy, etc. Whatever it may be, it's essential to make sure you realize that you're lucky to have all the amazing things in your life, no matter how small. Realizing this makes me frequently happy when nothing seems to be going my way. 

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  1. registering for classes gets easier when you have more credits (or so it was at my school). cheap high heels hurt after 5 min, more expensive, a few hours. a house full of girls can and will never be easy.

    i like the blog! just stopped by!

  2. Bahaha my favorite one. "don't pregame too hard" I'd never even heard the term pregame until college! :D

    xo Shane


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