Brother + Sister Style Week 3

June 04, 2012

Jack and I are back and pleased to present Week #3 of our Brother + Sister Summer Style Series! Last week was a holiday, so we decided to take that Monday off, but we're back and ready to go! This week out theme was 'Summer Brights.' Everywhere I look there's jewel colored turquoise, ice-cream dream oranges, and bright neon just perfect for summer. Jack and I took the cue and suited up in some of our favorite summer brights!

This week it was a little overcast out (not the bright sunny 90 degree weather it has been). Also, may I add that Jack's really gotten in to the groove of this whole picture taking thing? He knows what it means every time I grab our little point and shoot and head for the back yard. He's always quick to grab my hand and say cheese! He's a trooper usually.

However, after the first few shots he starts getting wiggly! He doesn't quite understand that if he isn't in front of the fence, his picture is not being taken. By the middle of our shoots he's bursting at the seams, ready to run around and act crazy which makes for a, sometimes, frustrated sissy.

But I usually rope him back in somehow and we end up having a good time and getting a few more decent pictures. He's being such a cheese in this picture!

This week Jack was sporting an orange Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with tropical printed Old Navy cargos! Oh, and don't forget his triple watt smile! 

This week I wore a pair of BKE shorts, a See You Monday neon yellow bandeau under a Jack labeled crop top (both from Hipsway) paired with a spiked necklace from Mason's. Fun Fact: this shirt is long in the back and has a cut out!

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