Brother + Sister Style Week 4

June 14, 2012

This week Jack and I's theme was based around simplicity, so we decided to call it 'Back to Basics.' I thought week would go over amazingly well. I really liked our theme and it was really nice outside. However, this week ended up being our most challenging week to date.

This week we had to change fence locations (because I wasn't in the mood to go through the trouble of hosing off week 3's chalk on the other fence), which Jack was totally not okay with. He kept running to the other fence instead of the one we were shooting in front of. He was quite adamant about not wanting to shoot in front of said fence actually. In the beginning it wasn't too bad, but our problems only progressed from there.

I wanted to include this picture because it was probably the only time during the entire shoot Jack actually laughed or looked happy. I was jumping around trying to get him to laugh or be happy for the camera (given the fence debacle) so this picture ended up just being a happy accident.

Our neighbor started mowing, which of course Jack could not stop being curious over (thanks, suck). He wanted to peek over the fence so badly! Loud noises are endlessly distracting to him. Finally I allowed him to take a gander and try to salvage a decent picture out of the 'fence-peeking' experience.

When he wasn't running out of the frame or trying to get a good look at the neighbor, he was tugging on my dress. Also, our camera kept falling over because Jack just had to push the button (or else it was meltdown city). Plus, it was hotter than I expected and Jack kept wanting to go in and get water/snacks which of course I couldn't blame him for.

Then to stick a fork in it all, our camera died. Yep. DIED. It took a cue from the rest of the day's events and croaked before it got more pictures of me with making a sour face paired with the 'get-over-here' point. So we knew when enough was enough.

This week I wore white strapless eyelet cotton dress by City Triangles (the same dress I wore under my gown for graduation actually) paired with a jean shirt via American Eagle. Plus, I curled a few parts of my hair away from my face (inspired by Emma). Jack wore Polo khakis, a striped light blue Polo dress shirt (unbuttoned) and a Hanes white undershirt.

Here's to better more, cooperate weeks y'all! 

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  1. these posts are adorable! I love them! Such a cool idea with the chalk on the fence, I was wondering if you had photoshopped that!


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