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June 17, 2012

Jack gifts

Grabbing lunch with Jennifer during the busy work week

Good local eats!

Making friends with the cutest pup (her name is Bridgette Bardot)!

"I'm like a ball!"

Attempting to get a little sun...MISSION FAILED

Running errands with my little weenie nugget (aka Jack monster)

Canvases for the upcoming fall. Can you tell I've been missing my sorority sisters?


Captured during Bro + Sis Style Week 4


Breakfast: mixed berries, a sliced banana, a piece wheat bread + peanut butter, and milk

Before the bonfire (wide open spaces)

Life lately has been busy, which is great! It's been productive and I've been able to keep the pace up. It's hard to stay home day after day with Jack and not go a little crazy with cabin fever. It's great to get out and have lunch with a girlfriend, paint a couple things, attend a summer bonfire with friends, do some of those lingering chores and take a little time to remember to feel lucky. 

Summer is blazing by now at a lightening fast pace. Soon it'll be time to pack up my world again and move on to the next big adventure. There will be a whole new round of adjusting. I'll be in my own apartment, commuting to college, and be yet again stripped of the familiarity of home (friends/family/etc). 

Nothing truly has a sense of permanence to it anymore. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Maybe it's neither. Either way, I'm just learning to embrace it. 

Hope this week is a happy one! I have lots of fun posts in line!

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