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June 10, 2012

Jack and I out and about

Lusting over pretty dresses

Before the Luke Bryan concert

The Flying Saucer Bar has the neatest atmosphere...

...and the rudest signs! Haha

Mom and I

Riverfest Amphitheater

Luke Bryan, Future Husband

& The Hubs Again

"I don't want my picture taken!"


Fresh apples and lots of time outside

They're basically obsessed with one another...

Mail time! Guess who got her Obvious State poster in?

I love getting kicked out of my own bed at 7:30 am. So funnnn.

Howdy everyone. Guess who decided to get out her 'leisure clothes' and actually curl her hair?! Oh, and I've decided that short hair calls for glasses. Yep.

View from my front door. Lovely.

Is it just me or does it feel like the weekend flies by faster than ever in the summer? My days are beginning to run in to each other quite seamlessly. This week was a pretty good one. I managed to get out of the house a bit. Also, I was able to stock up on new paint! My head has been simply swirling with projects! Sundays are usually a day of quiet ritual. We sleep in, make biscuits and bacon, and just enjoy the sweetness of doing very little/nothing. I'm extra excited because tonight marks the return of Trueblood! Yes!

What's your Sunday ritual?

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