Drastically Change My Hair Style. DONE.

June 01, 2012

Before + After

On my way to a birthday dinner + 1st day of the June iPhone Challenge

I was going to wait and share this little factoid on the next Brother + Sister style, but I couldn't wait. I chopped my hair off! When it comes to hair, I'd say I'm an emotional cutter. Usually, if I have the desire to do something major to my hair (like take off major length or dye a hot pink strip in it), it's due to some life changing sort of event / big events that have been taking place (good or bad). The day after my high school graduation, for example, I took my past-my-breasts length hair and chopped it to my jaw.

After just under a year of letting it grow out (with some minor snips) and some recently big happenings in my life, I decided it was time for a similar drastic cut. I chose a long layered bob that stops somewhere between my jaw and my shoulder at it's longest point in the front. I also highlighted it, to lighten up for summer. This was my inspiration.

At first I was hesitant since I'd been growing it out and every single person I talked to told me how much they liked my longer hair better, but I'm happy I made the jump. Admittedly, for the first five minutes, I felt like a fourteen year old boy. However, when I got home and compared the before and after I was over the moon with my decision. I feel happier and freer. It's easier to style and wash. Plus, it was just down right time for some change.

Happy weekend!

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