Document My First Year of College in a Tangible Way. DONE.

July 03, 2012

When I first received this adorable 4x6 album in my new member basket on bid day, I doubted that it would ever become of any sort of use to me. Sure, I liked pictures...but printing enough out to fill that whole 100 slot album? Fat chance. As the year went on, I collected tons of photos of my freshman year of college (mostly of me doing sorority esque things...but others as well). 

By the second or third week I was home, I was missing my sisters like crazy. I was missing all the fun times college brought with it. I miss getting ready and going out with friends. So after a quick gathering of all my photos from the year and quick scan of Facebook I had managed to collect well over 100 photos to put in my college photo folder. I had them printed off at Walgreens (since it's just up the road and I was able to do it almost entirely online...I just picked them up) for cheap and set to work filling my album.

It was fun process putting things in timeline order. I got to relive all the amazing time freshmen year brought with it. I got to see bid day, our first function, toga night, greek events, the cowboys and Indian pep rally, formal with my date Brandon (pictured), Mom's day (also pictured), plenty of nights at the frat houses. birthday dinners, study dates, etc etc etc. It was a blast to sort through. 

So, though it's not much...this is the best and most cohesive documentation of my freshmen year (that I flip through almost constantly because of how much it makes me smile). Another one off the list

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  1. Jared and I were just talking about physical photo albums and how awesome they are last night. I think we will be making some for South Korea. :)

  2. Awe! What a great idea! I am glad that photo album came in handy during your stay at home! =)

  3. Nice idea.


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