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July 15, 2012

Receiving these in the mail was quite a delight! Eeek!

Fortune cookie advice, I think I'm heeding it pretty well!

Jack's last night of being my baby two year old nugget 

Race-car cake for the birthday boy!

Getting ready to blow that sucker out

Cannot believe he's 3!



This week has been mellow and mostly wonderful. There hasn't been too much coming and going, but a lot of sleepy nights and time spent with family. Jack and I were overjoyed by the comments left on this week's Brother + Sister Style this week, so thank-you! It's been cloudy and a little rainy here this week, which is a welcome change from the blistering hot weather that's usually the norm. Isn't it sad when 90 degrees feels cool? Haha. 

Yesterday, the family and few friends celebrated Jack's third birthday at a local water park. He had a BLAST. He loved splashing and sliding, devouring cake and pizza galore. He loved all of his balloons (balloons are such a big deal in this household) and the presents given to him. There wasn't one tear all day! Hooray. Did I just rhyme there? Awesome.

I'm looking forward to this upcoming week. I'm getting my priorities in order, working on projects, and getting myself organized for college. Holy cow, this summer has flown by so I'm trying to really relish every moment of it. Also, I've been told by my Mother that my Grandfather follows my blog, so Papa if you're reading this, I appreciate that you keep up with Jack and I. I love you.

What have you been up to lately?!

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  1. Those shoes are amazing! And it lokos like your little man is having an amazing time playing in the water!

  2. I wish I got those shoes in the mail, too! They're sooo good!
    Drey -

  3. Jacks third birthday.. awesome!! And those shoes. are. fantastic. Where did you buy them?!

    1. You can get them on sale here for $22.50! They come in brown, blue, red, and black! I want them all! So comfy and awesome!


  4. Great blog!

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