5 Things I'll Miss About Home

August 03, 2012

Since I'm leaving in, I don't know, TWO DAYS I thought I'd make a list of a few assorted things I'll be missing about home ranked in no importance.

(around my neck of the woods - taken a few weeks back)

  • Jack - This was the obvious one. He's my partner in crime, my cuddle-nugget, my favorite person ever. I will without a doubt be missing him and watching him grow and learn. It kills me to think that some of his first memories won't include me. That's the downside to getting my education three hours away. I'll miss playing outside and on the swing. I'll miss his random admissions of love and affection. I'll miss our tickle wars and our morning cuddle times. Ah, I wish could bottle those up. They're the best. I'll miss hearing him laugh in the living room as he watches cartoons, running in so excitedly with a picture he's drawn to hang on my wall, and I'll miss those important night-night kisses.
  • Familiarity - I'll miss the familiarity of my suburban town. I'll miss knowing all the back roads and short cuts. I'll miss driving by everyone's houses like a creeper when I'm bored and restless. I'll miss my sense of direction and confidence. I'll miss the green, but ever browning lawns and the way Arkansas feels in the summer...because it's not quite like anything else.
  • My Home - I'll miss the way it feels to wake up in a quiet house and the way it feels waking up on Saturday morning to bacon and biscuits. I'll miss my desk space and how it's become my sanctuary, my home within a home. I'll miss the couch that sinks just right and the always-stocked cabinets. 
  • Freedom of Non-Commitment - I'll miss carefree days where my only jobs were to play with Jack, surf the net, and watch reruns of Boy Meets World from 1-3 in the afternoon. I'll miss not having to constantly pick up the check everywhere I go from restaurant to Wal-Mart, parents are so awesome in that way. 
  • Family + Spot - I'll miss my family. I'll miss my mother coming home in the evenings and my father and I's good talks. I can't ever find someone who converses with me quite like he does. I'll miss our talks about everything under the sun and how he seems so knowledgeable. Parents always seem to offer fresh perspective and solutions in a way that just isn't the same when you're not there to hear it first-hand. I'll miss watching 'Storage Wars' and 'Bait Car' with my father. I'll miss Spot, the white ball of fluff, constantly curled up in front of the air conditioner or on the end of the bed. I'll miss my family.
So there are a few of the immediate and probably obvious things I'll be missing when I leave. Thanks for letting me share, because going back to college is never really easy.

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