Evolution of 'The Wall'

August 04, 2012

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Ever since I've gotten home, I've wanted to make my desk space my own. I really wanted to commit to living in it as fully as possible (because what else can you do whenever you move every couple months, right?). Here is a picture of 'the wall' every month of the summer. It's neat to see how it's evolved. Below is a list of everything that can be found on 'the wall' and a few various desk items! 

The Wall: Cupcakes Prints + Postcard via Tabitha Emma, Business Card + Postcard via Kara Haupt, 9 Photos via Postal Pix, 'Write Drunk, Edit Sober' Poster via Obvious State, 'A Pleasant and Inspirational Phrase In a Cool Font' Postcard via Nice, tag that says 'Enjoy' that came with my purchase from this shop, Work Hard canvas made by me and inspired by Elise, 2 Photos of Savannah and I, 3 Jack drawings, 1 photo strip based off this tutorial, 'Cool is Freedom of Expression' ad ripped out of a Teen Vogue, 3 black/sparkly deltas from my Big, My keys, and my Tri-Delt hat.

My Desk: Desktop via Good Fucking Design Advice, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath as my mouse pad, Tri-Delt items, alarm clock, framed photo of Jack and I, bottle of ink, and my pretty much fail of a DIY.

Do you have a space at home that's ever-evolving? Thanks for letting me share my accumulation of strange odds and ends in my favorite little nook of my home!

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  1. that's pretty cool! loved watching it changing :-)


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