White SUV Guy

September 02, 2012

Because I like to regal you all with tales of the almost. 

(me, the day of)

On my way home the other day from class/visiting Tri Delt I nearly got ran over by a decent looking guy driving a white SUV. At the trickiest little intersection, I was trying to make my way across in order to get to my car. The car on the right passed and the car facing me (white SUV) was signaling to turn. There was an awkward pause and I believed that both cars were going to let me pass. No go. The white car goes, I stop, he stops, I go, and around and around we go. You know when you step in the same direction as someone and then over correct and try to step the other way and they do the same? It was like that, but with a big white SUV and me. The entire time the two boys in the car are giving me the biggest, "What are you doing?" look/gesture. Quickly I sprint across. His window is down and he's laughing and saying, "You're killing me here Smalls!" while I grab his open window, tap it, and murmur a chorus of "Sorry! Sorry! I'm so sorry!" I feel my cheeks go flush and the feeling of embarrassment is rising from the deep pits of my stomach. I tell myself to just let it go, but I can't so quickly.

He was so cute and it was rainy and I was the sorority girl in the baseball cap and Nike shorts trying to sprint across the street. It was the perfect movie intro. I played the part in my head, thinking that if it were a movie, the moment would pass and several weeks or days from now I'd be out and about...somewhere public...a farmer's market...a fraternity party and White SUV Guy would see me, taking notice of how much more attractive I was without my short hair stuffed into a baseball cap. He'd notice my face, my smile. He'd come over to talk to me, cleverly inserting himself into the situation. "Fancy seeing you here...given there are no streets to run across," he'd say (or some line to that effect...jokey and warm) with that coy smile of his. Note, he'll be holding a drink in one hand.

 I won't recognize him right off the bat. I'll give him the ole quizzical, "Who are you and why are you speaking to me?" face that us females have perfected so seamlessly after years of dealing with random guys and bitchy girls. Then I'll remember all at once and say, "Ah. White SUV Guy!" and he'll look bemused that I've already given him a nick-name.

 "So what are you doing here...?" he'll start, pausing for my name in an obvious way. I'll oblige with, 'Ashlee.' "Ah! Ashlee! Yes. It's so good to know the name of the girl I almost caused the death of," he'll say sarcastically and I'll cock my brow and murmur something to the effect of, "isn't it?" I'll intentionally not pry for his name...making him anxious all on his own to give it to me.

 "And wouldn't you like to know the name of your almost murderer?" he'll ask, for lack of better word choice. I'll casually giggle as if to imply that maybe I would. He'll offer his name. It's something very American, strong and solid and boyish. I smile and he smiles and we begin to bask in the weird coincidental nature in which we're meeting. We'll converse and become grand pals in just the few short hours that constitute a night out. Then starts the marvelous relationship for which I could write many a novel about. His sarcastic nature and his weird vulnerable side that will keep us from truly being a couple for quite awhile. Eventually we'll get together and eventually eventually when everything is said and done, college is over and we've both become responsible/manicured/well-behaved adults we'll marry and when our kids ask us to tell the tale of how we met I can always think back to that rainy day where I was trying to cross the street to get to my car, hair stuffed beneath a ball cap and about how their father nearly ran me over with his big white SUV. It'll be the stuff of fiction and fate.Cue the montage of all the highlights of our relationship set to Two by Ryan Adams and lots of scenes in the rain.

But, those sorts of things never really do happen in real life...do they? I won't hold my breath for White SUV Guy any time soon, but isn't it interesting to see the movie version of your life come at you all at once? In the time it took me to hit the sidewalk after crossing the street, to get to my car I thought all of that out and dismissed it entirely as I started the engine. The mind/the brain work so quickly. Or maybe it's only my mind that sees things like this...contemplates futures that won't ever become realities.

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  1. I love this post. I could really see the movie (a movie I would love, by the way!) and... at least I will keep hoping this story really do come true. Amazing things happen sometimes ;-)


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