February 27, 2013

(after church this past Sunday)

Watching: I finally gave in and started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. It's hilarious and the episodes are short and sweet. I'm only a few episodes from being through with Season 1, with 6 more seasons to go. Also, I'm watching Vampire Diaries every Thursday. 
Thinking about: I've been thinking about the concepts of strength and sanity lately. I've been thinking about the question, "do we owe it to others (or perhaps even ourselves) to remain sane?" What even is 'sane' and what constitutes strength when everyone is metaphorically weak? Also, I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind here recently. Ugh. 
Reading: Just finished up Catcher in the Rye last week and am looking for something new to read. Any suggestions? (While I'm waiting to see what I'll read next I'm shamelessly flipping back through the Gossip Girl prequel, It Had To Be You, while at home. I don't dare take it out in public. College kids JUDGE, you know. Haha!)
Looking forward to: My parents and brother coming to visit for the weekend! I'm beyond excited to spend some quality time with my nugget Jack. Friday could not get here soon enough!
Making me happy: Making a list of goals at the beginning of each week, over-sized t-shirts, spring break looming in the near future, feeling reconnected with friends. sending Jack cards, slowly cleaning and planning, the opportunity to design iphone decals for my sorority, and the 52 lists project (I know I haven't been posting but I have been participating).

Thanks to the lovely lady Danielle for starting this series + Liz who inspired me to blog today. 

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