February 17, 2013

(click to enlarge - original size is 11x14in)

Hey y'all! Today I just want to share something new I've come up with as decor for my apartment! I've been wanting to spice up my walls with some quote artwork/prints. However, since I'm on a bit of budget, I thought why not come up with my own? Using the same colors I've been using on the blog (really digging this girly/retro palette of colors), I set to work. I wanted something whimsical, clean type arranged in a way that was chaotic and intriguing. So by repeating the phrases and mixing up a few words, I feel like I accomplished my goal. I'm set to print out this foursome of work to display in my apartment within the next week, but I thought I'd share here first! 

1 : "Let Them Eat Cake" (and variations) - Marie Antoinette
2 : "I am. I am. I am." - Sylvia Plath
3 : "...The Work Never Ends, But College Does" - Tom Petty
4 : "In The Midst Of Winter, I Found Within Me An Invincible Summer" - ?

Have a lovely week! 

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