Stormy Skies

May 21, 2013

Without question, there's been some stormy skies this week. My heart goes out to those directly affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma and elsewhere. I'm so happy that things aren't worse here, despite the initial scare/potential. It's hard to imagine what losing everything must feel like. This year, there seems to be an overwhelming sense of loss and it is all too easy to feel hopeless - but there is good in the world and I must constantly remind myself of that.

So, tonight I am quiet. It's been raining all day and I'm taking comfort in the little things. I'm thankful for my family, my brother, night night stories, watching good new movies, having amazing books to read, being able to text my friends that are safe and listening to Candle by Sonic Youth. Life can be so good, despite it's drawbacks.

If you're interested in donating to the Oklahoma disaster, several ways have come to my attention. You can donate directly, of course. You could buy this cute $15 OK tank by Hello Merch (100% of the proceeds go toward the cause). You could buy a state love piece from RiffRaff (20% of proceeds go). Or if you're a NWA local hit up my favorite cupcakery ever and buy a red velvet cupcake (100% of red velvet sales go towards the cause). I'm sure there are countless ways to get involved if you wish and I encourage you to look locally!

Much love

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