Bringing Back Sponsorship + Ad Swaps (Plus a Conversation About Connecting)

July 25, 2013

Okay, so technically the option to advertise here on DL has never went away. However, I haven't exactly been pushing the matter. Is it just me or does it wig you out every month to write a sponsorship post and have little to no response? It certainly discouraged me. 

I have written several times about how I am craving community in the blog world. I am so happy and eager to connect with like minded individuals and that is one of the best things to be gained out blogging, at least in my opinion. I want to meet people across all disciplines who are creative or inspiring or even relate-ably average like myself. I want to surround myself with these amazing people. I am happy to report that I'm getting there. I'm so happy with my continually growing readership (consistently growing this summer - I could die) and those that follow me or leave comments. I appreciate and value each of you, from loyal readers to drop-ins. Though I would happily with no audience at all (which has been the majority of my blogging experience over the past six years), it's the readers, people - you - that help put the life and love into a blog. 

One of the best ways to connect with these amazing people, I observed, was through blog advertising/sponsorship! It can be so intimidating to put yourself out there and submit an ad to a blog you covet and it can be equally horrifying to ask your blog readers to invest time/monetary compensation into a smaller blog (like mine). This is especially true when I myself have a very little budget for advertising on blogs. However, I've decided to try again!

I could bore you with statistics about how many page views I get and how many followers I have - but I won't. Yes, I believe those things are important - but in this stage of my blog, I don't think that's what I'm going to sell anyone on and I don't believe that's what truly matters. I find that if I love a blog, I don't care about how many people visit it or if it's popular or small. I care about what it's about, the blogger, the concept, and the beautiful or engaging content. I want to sell you on my dedication and my love for blogging. I want to sell you on my content, consistency, and my small, but loyal, readership. I want to sell you on my commitment to growth and evidence of growth. 

So, here we go.

You can purchase my one-size-fits-all and totally affordable 250x100 ad spot below or by heading over to the sponsorship information page. Also, I'd like to offer anyone who is interesting in participating in an ad swap the chance to do so. Click to purchase my ad and then enter the promo code: 'dlswap' at checkout to receive a 100% discount (aka advertise fo free). Super simple!

I'm so excited to be offering ad swaps, because monetary compensation isn't what I'm after. I'm after connection. I'm after creating support for smaller and bigger blogs alike. I want to connect with you, your blog, your shop, or your story. I want to start a conversation and ad swaps are the perfect way to get there! 

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