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July 26, 2013

Do you guys shop online? That's what I thought. Who doesn't?

Welcome to a new mini series I'm doing entitled 'Social Shopping, Saving, and Sharing' where I decide to share/comapre/review some sites I shop on (lots of flash sale sites/member only sites/saving sites). Basically any site where you can save a buck or two and get really awesome things. I want to share with you the gems of the web, review and inform about my experience, and open up a forum of discussion. There's nothing better than taking shopping social and better yet, SAVING.

Okay guys, today I'm going to talk about Jewelmint. A lot of you are probably really familiar with this site, but I just sort of discovered I'm a member recently (more on that in a second) and have been exploring! It's one of those sites, I'm super excited about personally - but also about sharing with you.

This is going to be a longer post - but seriously so much fun and hopefully really informational. Are you ready? Okay let's get down to business to defeat the huns. I couldn't resist.

 Okay, back when I had a boyfriend and subsequently decided I wanted to be the best girlfriend around and invest in swanky underthings (psh), I joined a site called Intimint. However, when I did this I didn't realize that if you sign up for one 'mint' site you would have access to all other 'mint' sites. That basically blew my mind because the rest of the 'mint' sites are AWESOME. My favorites happens to be Jewelmint and Stylemint. The remaining 'mints' are Shoemint, Homemint, and Beautymint and you get access to all of them. How sahweet is that? Not to mention the free shipping!

You take a quiz to figure out your style and are presented a 'showroom' of sorts with items that may fit your style (no worries, you can shop the whole site). I think it's fun to figure out what 'style' I am. Jewelmint tells me I'm The Sartorialist. After your first purchase (on any of the 'mint' sites) there a few things that could happen: New items in your 'showroom' debut on the 1st. You have until the 5th of each month to decide to 'skip the month' (not buy anything and no charge is made to your account), buy a piece of jewelry, or do nothing (account is charged, but you receive a credit for 1 piece of jewelry to use at your convenience).

Jewelmint offers chic and stylish jewelry at affordable prices...29.95 a piece! You're, that's still kind moderately pricey for a piece of jewelry. Don't worry, I thought the same. College ain't cheap people. However, Jewelmint offers great new user deals. For example, right now you can get your first piece of jewelry for $8.99 with the code JMFIRST8 (and hey, that's awesome for nice jewelry).

In addition to that you can earn discounts through Mintsider Points and Style Points. My favorite (and the easier to earn of the two) are the Style Points. Style Points can only currently be applied to Jewelmint, but they're so easy to earn. You earn 10 Style Points just from becoming a member. Other easy ways to earn Style Points include:
  • Pinning a product (tip: pin stuff you favorite!) = 3 Style Points
  • Comment on a product (leave a quality little note on anything you find pretty!) = 1 Style Point
  • You like a product comment (so simple!) = 1 Style Point
  • Someone likes your product comment (earn these without trying) = 1 Style Point
  • Review a product (only available if you've purchased said product, duh)  = 10 Style Points
  • Like a product on Facebook  = 2 Style Points
  • Daily Bonus (spin a wheel and get a random amount of points) = ???
  • etc etc etc
Style Points earn you purchase rewards (that change periodically). Right now the rewards for New Members are:
  • 50% off of first item costs 3 Style Points
  • 50% off of two items costs 5 Style Points
  • 50% off of three items costs 10 Style Points


I've only tried earning Style Points for about two nights and have collected over 60! Which means in total I could purchase almost twenty pieces of jewlery for half off. Score? I think so. Think of it, pin one product and enjoy 50% off of one item. I mean, hello deals.

Mintsider Points are a bit different and somewhat trickier. Mintsider Points can be used across all the 'mint' websites. They give you 100 Mintsider Points to start out with. You get 10 points for every $1 spent and 600 points if a friend joins and makes a purchase. 3,000 Mintsider Points earn you 1 Jewelmint credit - which is one piece of $29.95 jewelry.

If you're not a member already, click here to join Jewelmint (and all of the other 'mints').

Do you use Jewelmint or any sites that are similar? Let me know!

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