My Cluttered and Colorful Space

July 30, 2013

Hey y'all! I've been wanting to share my space here on the blog for awhile now. Since I'm about to start packing up things for college soon, the window of opportunity was narrowing to photograph the space as it's been for the majority of the summer. This has been my room for the nearly the entire duration of my conscious life. It's gone through many evolution as I've aged and is now a mish-mash of different things from different stages of life. Hopefully you'll enjoy my tiny, cluttered, and colorful space as much as I do.  

Welcome to my desk area. I've had that white desk since I was about ten or eleven and it's been a haven for me. It's wore and quite possibly broken on one side, but it feels like home. My desk area is probably my favorite area in the entire room. It's so full of life and function at the same time. I house my favorite books and growing collection of Nylon in the small shelves on the right. I spend loads of time writing and blogging on my computer. My foldout chair is new because the one that goes with the desk recently bit the dust, so I've outfitted it with a little pillow for comfort. Best of all, above my desk I have my 'wall of inspiration' (which I'll break down momentarily).

On my desk:

"The Wall' is my favorite thing. Last summer I documented it's evolution and I even took it to my apartment. I think this wall will grow and change (as it already has), which I love. It's visually it's stimulating, inspiring and makes me SO happy. It's a big compilation of pretty and personal things alike.

On "the wall":

  • "A gentleman is simply a patient wolf" hand pen and paint quote card made by me
  • "Cool is Freedom of Expression" ad ripped out of Teen Vogue
  • "A Pleasant and Inspiration Phrase in a Cool Font" Postcard via Nice
  • Postcard and business card via Kara
  • Two cupcake prints and house wife postcard via Tabitha Emma
  • Two movie ticket stubs (one for Perks of Being a Wallflower and one for Silver Linings Playbook)
  • 3 Square Cards via SCAD Packet I got senior year of highschool 
  • Red ART Sticker via UofA Art Department Sugar Gallery
  • Lilly Pulitzer Key Chain 
  • Tag from Hello Apparell 
  • 9 instagram esque pictures via Postal Pix
  • 2 pictures of Savannah and I and 1 group picture of Bid Day
  • 3 Tri-delt buttons (2 round/1 square)
  • Photo strip inspired by this tutorial
  • Postcard from an MFA thesis opening I went to and LOVED (this one)
  • "Best Year Yet" clipped from Anthropologie mail 
  • "Nobody Ever Wishes They'd Slept More During College" clipped from a Red Bull ad
  • Card that came off flowers my parents sent me around Valentine's day
  • 3 sparkly black deltas from my Big
  • "Lone Wolf" clipped from Nylon
Around "the wall":
  • "Work Hard" canvas inspired by Elise
  • "Write Drunk, Edit Sober" print via Obvious State 
  • 3 large bid day pictures 
  • Statement necklace via Riff Raff
  • Hanging Tri-delt canvas (gifted)
  • Small Iron and Wine poster from a performance I attended freshman year

This next spot, is the nook right by my door. I sit in this space a lot (and get hit a lot while putting on make-up) and have utilized the broken drawers beside to house a few pretty things my desk just couldn't handle. It's a spot that gets a lot action, so it only felt right to include it. 

In this area:
  • Full length white mirror - similar
  • Polka dot rain boots 
  • Make-up storage bin and Tri-Delt make-up bag
  • Cupcake calendar perfect for counting down the days until college
  • 2 Pieces of original artwork 
  • The Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath
  • Rifle Paper Co. journal
  • Plain black sketchbook
  • Colorful notebook 
  • Vintage camera - thrifted
  • Magnetic picture frame holding my bid card
  • Painted mason jar
  • Glass dolphin
  • Small blue bottle - Hobby Lobby

This area is right near my door as well, but instead it's situated between my main door and closet. It's another little nook I've utilized for photo display and things that just couldn't quite make the jump to my desk. It's also an excellent place to put beverages (much to my mother's disdain). 

In this area:
  • Photo board + pictures - gifted
  • Picture frame + pictures
  • 2 candles
  • Paddle given to me by my Big
  • "A" given to me on Senior Night for softball
  • Small boxes and owl decorum - thrifted
  • 3 Cupcakes

In this area:

I hope you've enjoyed this small little peak into my tiny, but colorful space while I'm home from college! Hopefully after my roommates and sorority sisters get our new space nice and situated, I'll be able to share my space there, but surely that's still a few months away. 

Happy day to you!

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  1. LOVE that bedspread. xx Abby

  2. We've all been there, so we know that part of being a student is the clutter around your room. At least your cluttered space is colorful and not an eye sore. A little mess is fine as long as it's organized in your way, wherein you still know where the mportant stuff are. Javier @


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