My Everyday Summer Make-up Routine

July 17, 2013

Hello, lovies! I have to admit I almost named this post, Watch Me Do My Make-up Awkwardly because that's kind of what this is. A few days ago, I mentioned that one reason summer is awesome, is because my make-up routine is different/shorter than normal. Also, summer is my favorite because rocking a minimalist make-up look is highly smiled upon. 

So, today I hope to take you through my everyday summer make-up routine. However before we begin, I'm gonna set a few not so serious things straight just for disclaimer purposes:
  • I'm not a make-up artist or a beauty expert by any stretch of the imagination. I just know what works for me, and hey, it may not work for you.
  • Yes, I did take these pictures outside (which of course is not normally where I do my make-up). I chose to photograph myself outside for the natural light, so this routine could look as accurate as possible and not all wonky due to something as simple and frustrating as lighting. Also, the photos aren't edited at all (minus the words/arrows).
  • This is probably going to seem like a million steps and that it would take forever, but I promise it's not - it's just is a lot to break down, photograph, and explain. I've never spent more than 10-15 minutes on this look or else I'd wouldn't do it because I'm motivated like that.
  • I'm going to share all products used at the very end of this post + links! No one is sponsoring this post, so I'm sharing with you brands I use and love without compensation of any kind - just in case you thought I rolled like that and wouldn't give you a heads-up first. So there's that.

Okay, are we all good? Whew *wipes forehead* - hooray! 

Okay, shall we get this aca-awkward fest started? This a picture of me with zero make-up. You can see me sporting this 'fresh-faced' look about 75% of the time. Unfortunately, I'm a little broken out in a few spots, so if we could just pretend I'm not - that'd be fabulous. Thanks, you're really a fabulous person. 

The first step is primer. Since it's summer and I find that my normally oil prone skin, is even more oily which is pretty much no bueno. One big way I combat that throughout the day is through my primer which is mattifying and long lasting. It sets the tone for my skin and my make-up. Primer is so important. If you have dry skin, you could go for a moisturizer. When it's not summer, I just rock a pore-perfecting primer which just makes my skin appear smoother.

This is seriously the short cut of all short cuts. It's one of the biggest reasons my make-up time is nearly cut in half. I mix 2 parts BB Cream, 1 part concealer, and 1 part illuminator. I love wearing BB Cream in the summer because it's light, but I hate that I have to apply more coverage and add shine later (making my face feel more cakey than light). I think of this mixture as just 'enhancing my BB'. The concealer adds a little coverage and the illuminator adds a bit of dewy glow.

It can be easy to make too much of this mixture, so go about it sparingly (you can always make more!). You just need enough to to put a thin layer on or apply like you would your normal BB/liquid foundation. Wipe away the excess product on your hand (or leg or wherever you chose to mix) with a make-up remover wipe.

So here we are, the first big step complete. Don't freak-out if you're a little too shiny for your own tastes thanks to the illuminator, it will be remedied soon! If you still have blemishes shining through or worse dark circles than me (which should be very few people, haha!), then feel free to dab on a little extra concealer until you feel natural and flawless.

Next, I apply bronzer. Apply bronzer in a "3" motion starting at the temples and ending at your jaw bone. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can refer to this super short video. Or you can apply bronzer like you normally do - whatever suits you!

Don't be awksauce and have a bronze face and a pale neck! Blending is key as can be. There's nothing worse than a neglected neck, especially during summer time when your face tends to get a little tanner than normal and your neck doesn't ever quite catch up.

Smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks! Blush warms up your whole face and I find it especially flattering in the summer, when you need a pop of color. 

Remember when I told you we were going to get rid of that overly shiny look? Well, that would be in this step. Hence, why it labeled as 'the most important part!' Get a nice fluffy brush and apply a finishing powder (any finishing powder of your choice will do) all over your face. It is going to nix the shine and give your make-up longevity. It's a key player for helping your make-up stay, which is ultra desirable whenever make-up could easily melt in the summer swelter. It's that extra something that helps you stay flawless as ever. 

I got some help applying my 'most important part' by the most important person in my life! This step is so ridiculously easy (and effective) that even a four year old boy can apply with success. 

So many people underestimate the power and effectiveness of a good eyelash curler. I did. I thought it looked medieval and like more of hassle than it was worth. Boy, was I WRONG. Find a good curler and say hello to your new bestie for the restie. It's going to help elevate your lash game like you don't even know. Promise.

There was absolutely no pretty way to take this picture, but curling your lashes is so important that I couldn't resist. Even if you don't wear mascara, curling your lashes is a must! It opens up your eyes and gives your lashes the potential for greatness if you decide to apply mascara.

I'm a mascara junkie, I'll admit it. I used to HATE mascara with a passion, until about senior year of high school and now I can't get enough. My dream is to find the perfect lengthening, voluminous, and curling mascara. We can all dream right?

Apply your mascara as needed/desired. I usually over-do the mascara, so I've been trying to remind myself to work on perfecting 'day-time' mascara this summer. Two-three coats of mascara achieves this for me.

This is an underestimated little stick of awesome. I'm sure by now you're like, "more illuminator? more shine? come on lady!" BUT I promise this step is well worth it. Stick with me, we're almost done!

To brighten eyes (and look instantly more awake and like a functioning pseudo adult), apply to the inner corners of eyes. Also apply a bit on brow bone, where your eye meets your temple, a thin strip on the nose, above your cupid's bow, and a dab on the forehead. Blend accordingly. It sounds like a lot, but a little goes a long way and hitting all those spots takes only mere seconds. It just gives your face that extra summery glow.

Finish it off with some lip gloss! My mother always says, "a look is never complete without something on your lips," and I hate that she's right. For everyday, I like nude or clear, but add a flattering color for some pop to complete the look.

To quote Drake, "we started from the bottom now we're here." Yay! Doesn't it feel good to be done? Now, see what products I used to achieve my look. I'd love for you to share with me what you use during your everyday routine! 

.003 - Tarte Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum (changed the name to "Illuminating BB" - but it's the same)
.006 - Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hr Blush in Blissful (also a fan of Peaceful and Adventurous) 

.008 - Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette (even though I didn't use it in this look, I often do in real life so I felt this was a 'must include' type of thing. It's my everyday eye shadow palette!)

.013 - Merle Norman Powder Brush (used for bronzer)
.014 - Tarte Brush (used for blush)
.015 - Sephora Powder Brush (used for finishing powder)
.016 - Dual Eye Shadow Brush (included in the Naked 2 Pallette)
.017 - Mally Lipgloss in In The Buff (I don't use the lip liner included)

.018 - Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil Free Make-up Remover Cleansing Wipes

If you've made it to the end I applaud you! I had so much (awkward) fun putting together this post and I enjoyed blogging about something a little bit out of the norm! Thanks for sticking with me.

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