Small Victories

July 03, 2013

This lovely snap was taken on Jack and I's walk the other night. Though the days are hot, dawn and dusk can be quite wonderful concerning the weather. Summer is filled with the sounds of lawn mowers revving at seven in the morning and in the evening the streets are filled with joggers and people walking their pets. The grass is green, some of it a little brown. People always wave as they pass you by and there just seems to be something more about the days. It's not necessarily like you're doing more, but that the air is filled with a charge - a subtle sign to let you know there is more. It's definitely a certain brand of blissful.

These past few days have been nothing extraordinary, but they haven't been altogether bad either. The gentle lull of routine has taken over and carried us for the past few days. Good days lately, for me, are measured in small victories.

Recently, I've been working on getting back into state of being in shape and living a healthier lifestyle. I've been going on walks with my mother and Jack. I tried a Zumba class at our local community center (and then proceeded to sweat my arse off). I bought a resistance band and a few new DVDs and as always I pop in with Cassey when I'm feeling particularly inclined. Small victories for me have been things like doing that extra mile, going that extra song in class, and adding more fruit into my diet. In addition to health related victories, it's been things like cleaning Jack's room, organizing my storage tote and throwing away excess, and getting my folded laundry put away. Small things that would otherwise feel mundane, have now been elevated as something little - but productive. Without these small victories, life would sit stagnant and that's never a good feeling.

It's only been a few days, but I get such satisfaction out of those small victories. Now if only they didn't make ice-cream.

What have been some of your small victories lately?

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