Out of the Archives - My First Vector Portrait (Gaspard Ulliel)

August 07, 2013

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Okay guys, we're reaching pretty far back into the archives this week. We're throwing it back all the way to my Graphic Design I course in junior year of high school. Whew. 

This was the first year I had ever touched Adobe Illustrator and our assignment was to create a vector portrait of a celebrity we liked. At the time I had an exceptionally ridiculous obsession with the movie A Very Long Engagement, which has to be watched in subtitles but is seriously such a lovely movie. Soon, I had sprung quite a crush on Gaspard Ulliel  (and he is still so fine), so I chose him to be my first victim vector subject. 

For a first attempt, it really isn't that bad. Is it as great as I remember it being? Not exactly. I mean, the nose and that ear is a bit rough, but I guess it ultimately could have been so much worse. During this time in my life, I was still unsure whether art or graphic design was a path I wanted to pursue. College seemed farther off than I care to admit, so really I took these types of art classes for fun - not to practice or polish any skills. Definitely not because I thought this could be a serious career path, nor did I think my parents would ever get behind it if I decided to choose art as a career path. 

I'm thankful for this time though. I was learning so much and designing solely for fun. That sort of self motivated devotion is a precious time to reflect on. It was sort of like the childhood stage of my design life. 

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  1. You are so insanely talented. I absolutely love this. I could barely draw shapes in junior high. lol. If you get a sec, I'm sharing my Vanity Fair feature on the blog today. :) xo



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