Summer To Do - Grill Out

August 08, 2013

For whatever reason, August signals the end of summer for me (even though it's probably the hottest month). Perhaps, it's the fact that by the end of the month I will have started classes again and of course, fall fashion is starting to replace summer fashion. I just want it to stop, so here recently I've been trying to get in all the summer to-do's I haven't quite got to yet. 

This was a big one. 

Last week the weather was just perfect. We had a huge rain shower the day before and subsequently the weather was exceptionally nice. There wasn't a stray cloud in the sky. The lawn was freshly mowed, the sun was beating down in a bearable way, and we were all eager to be outside. Dad fired up the grill he got last month for his birthday and set out to make us a wondrous spread of burgers and chicken breasts with all the fixins. It was a really nice change of pace and a great chance to spend some good quality time with the family. 

Jack rode his big boy bike around (I'm in disbelief how fast he's caught on) and I pushed him on the swing. We all dined outside and two servings later we were stuffed and happy. Also, we've all decided to grill out at least once more before the summer ends. *fist pump!*

If you still haven't gotten the chance to BBQ or grill this summer, get on it! It's definitely a summer to-do you'll be happy to have experienced and indulged in before the cooler months get here for real. 

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  1. That all looks delicious- grilling is the best way to bring in, and walk out, the summer season!



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