Summer To Do - Bubbles!

August 29, 2013

It isn't summer until you've picked a nice afternoon, grabbed the over-sized jug of bubbles and rounded a up a few brightly colored bubble wands! As a child, bubbles were my thing. I remember being at my grandparent's house and they constantly had a bottle of bubbles for me. I spent afternoons in their backyard concerned with my bubble blowing. My favorite bubble wand was purple and I remembered the excellent day whenever I discovered that dipping the wand and then spinning in a circle could almost produce more bubbles than blowing. The shiny solution would turn into a liquid rainbow when it hit the sun  or spilled out onto the concrete, which happened too many times to count. My hands and legs were always sticky. I miss those simplistic, yet utterly perfect childhood moments.

Since my grandparents aren't here anymore to provide Jack the same bubbled bliss (oh, how I wish they were) - I tried to do my best this summer to stand in. He loves bubbles (but really, what kid doesn't?) and we finally gave in and bought him a big jug of bubbles of his very own. I helped him improve his bubble blowing technique - there is a delicate science you know. We sat out there for nearly an hour with him dipping contently and chasing any bubbles he did manage to blow with success. He spun around and even let me have my own turn with the wand. I produced some big bubbles and his eyes went round with awe as he'd squeal, laugh, and then gently demand I blow another big one (hand gestures included)! By the time we were done, I was cleaning up sticky hands and legs. It was actually pretty wonderful, and I hope I'm helping make his childhood as full as mine was. I love him so much and he deserves that.

So, what's still on your summer to-do (fall will be here before we know it - eek!)? So far Jack and have laid out, grilled out, and blown bubbles! 

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