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August 30, 2013

Happy Friday y'all! I'm exhausted from this first week back to school - how about you? Thankfully it's about to be Labor Day weekend. All reviews are uncompensated. Last week I reviewed Fab and this week I'm going to share a little bit with you about Style Lately!

Today I am so excited to share with you a cute and affordable new-to-me site called Style Lately! It's part flash-sale / part normal retail site which makes it a unique stand out, at least to me. When you visit the site you're immediately hit with the 'Deals' section, which is one of the best parts of the site! You can find deals of anywhere between 25%-60% off! It changes frequently and allows plenty of time for you to purchase each deal, like 5 days or more until the item's sale either ends or the product sells out.

Have no fear though, even if none of the items that are on sale catch your eye there is still plenty more to choose from all at totally affordable prices. They have a great collection of jewelry and fun accessories that are cute, but on par with a collegiate budget. Also, they have a small selection of tops and bottoms that are stylish, but won't break the bank (such as the liquid leggings I listed below!).

One of the main reasons I love this site is because it reaches out to bloggers specifically. They welcome bloggers looking to collaborate to email them, so you can start a discussion! Reaching out to brands is never an easy task, but I love that they make it simple and recognize what an asset blogs/bloggers alike can be. This rocks on so many levels. Read about it here.

It's also a similar story for potential vendors. They welcome small business owners, etsy store owners, and any other potential vendors to reach out. It really seems like they want to start a conversation and that just generally makes me happy. Read about that here.

Most items ship between 24-48 business hours after ordering and are shipped with USPS priority mail with order confirmation. Most of the items are non-returnable, but if you need a different size you can make an exchange. You can also sign up for their newsletter if you want to hear about deals and savings first!

Happy online shopping!

P.S. - they have a kick ass collection of Pinterest boards!

Items Featured:
Geometric Phone Case - $28 (also totally cute cases featured in the 'Deals' section for $11.99 here)
Ultimate Cuff Bracelet - $8.50 vs Original Price of $21 (aka 60% savings / featured in the 'Deals' section)
Triangle Ring - $7 (perfect for me since I'm a Tri-Delt)
Large Nude Ring - $8 (one of my favorites)
Liquid Leggings - $29 (see them fabulously styled here)

Have you discovered any new fabulous retail or flash sale sites? Also, what are your plans for this long weekend?

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