September 10, 2013


Reading: Most recently I re-read one of my favorites Looking for Alaska by John Green and a few free samples from Patti Stanger's books a la Millionaire Matchmaker fame. However, I am most prominently on the hunt for new things to read that don't qualify as a textbook. Suggestions totally welcome!

Watching: I re-watched The Great Gatsby (hello Leo!) and watched Now You See Me, which was actually really good. I'm wanting to watch The Great Gatsby featuring Robert Redford on Netflix and am waiting for the return of my fall shows American Horror Story and Vampire Diaries next month!

Eating: I'm obsessed with all things peach right now, if you couldn't tell by the image at the top. I've been craving peaches like none other. Fresh peaches, peaches with honey and cinnamon, and peach tea have been staples. I also came about this close to buying peach scented body wash the other day. Haha! Peaches are definitely the one thing I'll miss about summer.

Listening To: I've been loving Luke Bryan's new album especially the song "Play it Again" and was stuck on Lana Del Ray's "Summertime Sadness" for a good week and half. Also, if you haven't discovered the gem that is the "Summer Hits of 2000's" radio on Pandora then I highly suggest you get on that!

Thinking About: Getting my finances in order, how to maximize my time in the morning, how amazingly blessed I am, panic attacks, controlling my blood sugar and heart rate, young twenty something everything, couple season and how it's about to descend upon us for the winter months, date functions, being active and healthy and how my obsession for fried chicken is really hindering that, volunteer opportunities, spending time in the dark room, pumpkin spice lattes and the changing of seasons.

Admiring: Abby over at A Geek Tragedy (I just won a giveaway of hers! How lucky am I this month? I can't wait to style my fabulous prize!), This fabulous DIY idea from Lily at Little Birds Blog, and this funny, yet relateable post over at Back East Blonde!

What are you currently up to?

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