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September 03, 2013

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I've always had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with logo design. Logos are such a big thing. They represent someone or someone's brand. They're the initial face of someone/something - somebody's first impression of a style, aesthetic, or message. It's a big deal. Logos can seem simplistic - small even, but I know they mean so much more Everything is done with purpose. Maybe, I'm intimidated? However, I think logo design can be absolutely brilliant. It's essential and people who can produce fabulous, one of a kind logos are some of the best designers I feel like. 

In my Graphic Design II course in high school we were required to create a logo for a product of our choice. At the time, everyone was obsessed with energy drinks. I think this is when energy drinks had just burst on to the scene and they had a total up-swoop in popularity amongst junior high and high school kids who were looking to be wired all day. They were so popular and misused at my own school, they had put a strict ban on them at this time. So, my goal was to create a great logo for an all natural energy drink (which wasn't a real product at the time...I'm sure there are tons of energy drinks like this now!). I wanted an energy drink that wouldn't wind you up, but actually refresh you. It needed to taste good and be healthy to boot. So, I came up with the idea for 'Refresh Energy Drinks.' I thought I was a genius at the time and still kinda do for this one. It was probably my first successful logo attempt. 

Fun fact: we had gotten this same assignment in my Graphic I course junior year of high school and I had decided to make a logo for a fictional company who made/sold organic ice-cream bars. Too many stripes and kitschy fonts later and that was a total disaster! 

After we created our logo, we had to come up with various bottle designs, t-shirt designs, and even designs to be plaster to a side of a bus or van. We then had to present the concept to the class. 

In the pictures above you can see all of the logos I tried before deciding on the final one. In the next image you can see the various bottle designs and super cool flavor names (i.e. midnight appleberry and mango splash) that I came up for each bottle. Haha!

This has been one of my favorite 'Out of the Archives' to share! You can see more work I've pulled out of my archives by clicking here! 

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