Fall To-Do: Pumpkin Carving Party

October 16, 2013

It's officially fall and to celebrate, what better to cross off my fall to-do list than pumpkin carving (especially when it involves friends, food/drinks, and a movie)?! This past Saturday one of my best friend's, London, invited me and lots of our other mutual friends and acquaintances over to her boyfriend's apartment for a BYOP (bring your own pumpkin) Pumpkin Carving Party!

I immediately scooped up two little pie pumpkins and headed over. I'll admit I was too big of a weenie to commit to a big pumpkin and too afraid I was going to mess up to commit to just buying one pumpkin. This was the first time I've ever carved a pumpkin on my own, without my dad to scoop out all the guts and do all the other heavy lifting. It was the first time for a lot of us to carve pumpkins without our parents. This made me sort of sentimental.

Slowly, but surely, we're all growing up and getting away from things we used to know. We've stopped going home so much and started to make family out of each other. It's strange to think that we're all growing and are now venturing into our twenties and young adulthood - experiencing milestones together. I don't think I've fully felt it until recently. We're becoming independent and choosing to make memories with each other. It's so strange to think that most of us are closer to 24 than to 16. Growing up is a weird thing guys.

Okay, okay - enough with the sappy stuff. After an hour and lots of patience we had all scooped out our pumpkins and carved out a design. I chose to carve out a bat and I have to say it didn't turn out half bad! Other designs included a spider in a web, cat with a moon, and just good old fashioned jack-o-lanterns. It feels so good to get this one checked off the list and I'm beyond excited to keep embracing this fall season. So far, it's been kinda magical.

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