Letters V.5

November 12, 2013

Dear 35mm Camera, I swear to a higher power that if I develop another roll of film that comes out entirely blank I'm going to smash you into small camera pieces. Well, probably not because I need you (co-dependency sucks), but I will most likely cry...again. I know it was probably an operating error on my part, but I'm still blaming you. I'm trying so so so hard at this Photography class so could you please just cut me some slack and let my pictures actually take to the film? Thanks.

Dear 107.9, you're the only radio station playing Christmas music around the clock and I've decided I like your style. Screw what everyone says about waiting until after Thanksgiving to get Christmas going (yep, I'm usually that Scrooge - I know). This year, I'm embracing Christmas early and being able to listen to "Deck The Halls" at 1 pm on a Monday is awesome. 

Dear Next Semester Schedule, I know I'm crazy for taking 18 hours. I know I don't necessarily need to, but art classes are finicky and the thought of now having a double major both excites me and makes me want to vom. If I can actually pull this off - holy amazing. I think I'll have an easier senior year if I knock out some extra classes now. So with that said, please don't kill me in the process schedule.

Dear Jack, I miss you. I MISS YOU. I think about you so often and always love getting to hear your little voice on the phone. I love getting updates about you via Mom and Dad. It makes me feel like I'm there. I love getting to hear about how obsessed with Christmas you are - about the new ornaments you helped Mom pick out. I love hearing Dad say that he loaded up the Pandora with lots of Christmas stations for you. I'm amused at how clingy you are to Mom and Dad at such a big boy age. You, my brother, are such a blessing.

Dear Jenny, thanks for being there for me. You keep taking me to church and I keep going...and that's been the way it's been off and on since I was 16. I can remember the first time you took me as I started to embark on my spiritual journey. I was reluctant and out of place and nervous. Things have changed so much since then. You've been with me through my lowest of lows and my grand highs. I think I've reached a sort of turning point in my faith and you're still here right by my side. I'm so happy to have you as a friend and so blessed to have your continual support as I continue to struggle in so many different areas of my life. Everyone deserves a friend like you.

Dear Bliss Cupcakes, my love for you has officially reached obsession. I'm not sorry and I'm also not getting any skinnier eating you. I think I may have to start cutting my visits back to once a week (on $2 Tuesday for a Gluten Free Butterfinger cupcake). Sigh.

Dear Blog, I know it's been awhile and you probably need a little makeover. I'm putting it on my to-do and hopefully by the new year you'll be totally revamped. I have high hopes and a lot of motivation. I'm going to start making a mood board and gather inspiration right...now.

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