Vandal, An Outfit Post

November 06, 2013

Hey y'all, how's your week been? It's Wednesday which means we're halfway to the weekend and one week closer to Thanksgiving and, therefore, Thanksgiving break - hollah! I've been swamped with school work, but I feel myself getting back into a posting groove which feels amazing. I have lots of new work to scan in and lots of inspiring things that have been happening in my personal and creative life.

Since I rarely take photos for outfit posts, but I thought I'd take a late night opportunity to shoot some. This outfit is simple, maybe even a little edgy. This is the outfit I wore to take pictures around town for my Photography class. I kept it simple with black leggings, a shirt from ASOS with the word 'vandal' across it, my favorite black boots, and my friend Savannah's leather jacket.

A few weeks ago, a girl in my sorority was hosting an ASOS Campus Hunt. She's one of their college reps and the Campus Hunt consisted of lots of free giveaway goodies if you found her around campus. There were ASOS shirts, leather ball caps, leopard print scarves, and accessories galore. I chose the vandal t-shirt after I found her camped out on sorority's front lawn. Sah-weet!. Speaking of sorority sisters, that bomb leather Jacket belongs to my roommate/best friend Savannah. Thank god for having 90 accessible closets. My boots are worn out and beat up. They have scuffed up toes, the majority of the straps have come off and some are hot glued in place, and the soles of the heels are coming apart - but they're my favorite. They've got character and many miles attached to them. They were the perfect compliment.

On unrelated notes, I've been listening to The Neighborhood semi-religiously and trying to read at night. I have started on Nano, but have gotten a bit behind (but here's to the weekend for catching up). I've been feeling good - or at least better than before. Oh, and I've been more active on my Tumblr and Pinterest, so you can always find me there.

Have a lovely Wednesday guys. 

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