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February 17, 2014

Before we get started, I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to all those who participated in my little survey over the weekend! You guys are seriously the best! 

This Week's Wishes
  1. Stay on Top of Schoolwork: This week I have 2 tests, a project, and the usual homework grind to attend to. To say that I need to put my nose to the grindstone and get through this week is a total understatment. Wish me luck!
  2. Drink More Water: I know for a fact that I seriously don't drink enough. This week I'm hoping to start forming a new habit concerning my water intake. Everyone I know who drinks a ton of water swear by it for reducing hunger until meal time and clearer skin. I'm game.
  3. No Eating Out: I need to conserve that $. So, instead of going out to eat as something to do in the evening I need to make it a simultaneous goal to find other free things to do with my time in order to distract my stomach.
  4. Go to a Group Fitness Class: This week, I won't pigeon hole myself into just one type of class. This week, I'm challenging myself to go to any group fitness class. I think this will be good because for most evening group classes you have to reserve your spot in advance, which means I'll hold myself more accountable for going.
  5. Wear Lipstick at Least One Day: Just because this week is going to be a busy one, doesn't mean I should forgo feeling put together. I've grown to love lipstick more and more, but in the everyday I don't much think about wearing it. So, this week I'm challenging myself  wear a little lipstick. 

Reflecting: Last Week's Wishes

  • Go to Yoga: Dropped the ball this week on exercising, but am determined to move this goal and complete it next week. 
  • Make a "Ridiculously Happy" List: I completed this toward the end of the week so that I could reflect on all that had happened. Even though some unfortunate stuff cropped up this past week, it was almost therapeutic to write down all the small good things that had happened. I look forward to sharing my list in a separate post later this week!
  • Take More Pictures: I thought about my concept for digital photography (but haven't landed on anything solid yet). I didn't go out and shoot what I wanted to yet, but I did make a list of places to shoot. That's got to count for something right?
  • Pay Art Consummables Fee: I went and paid my fee begrudgingly, but don't think I didn't wait until the very last minute to do it out of spite. 
  • Blog 4x: This one got accomplished and it felt really good to just check this off the bucket list. Four posts a week feels like a nice balance for me.

What are your goals/wishes this week? Let me know! Also, you can follow along with my #weeklywishes on instagram (@ashspring)!

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  1. Anonymous2/17/2014

    Good luck with your wishes this week!

  2. I can see some of my goals here too hahaha, especially the Eating Out part. During the week it's easier because I have school to distract me from eating out and I'm too lazy to go off campus, but during the weekend oh boy it's hard! I hope you can make it and share some tips with me ;)
    P.S.: I LOVE your About Me page! So creative! :)


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