Basics Are Best, A Go-To Outfit

March 12, 2014

Sunday was a busy day, I was out and about nearly all day running errands and shooting a bunch of images for class. Also, it didn't help that we ended up losing an hour of that day (because I really could've used it). However, I'm happy to report that it's warming up slowly, but surely and longer days are headed our way with the time change!

When I was getting ready for the day, I really just wanted to put on something easy. I think everyone kind of has two or three go-to outfits that they've worn several times and just know that it works. This is one of my go-to outfits: a striped tee, blue skinny jeans, black flats and my Micheal Kors purse. Just to pull myself together a bit more I added red lipstick, but I love that any color would've worked with this outfit. I feel like every woman - no matter what your personal style is, your body shape, or your budget - can pull a version of this outfit off. I also like how I can layer on top of this tee and how if I'm not up to jeans, I can easily switch them out for some longer black leggings or shorts when it's warm out. I can dress it up or down and it can be worn for about 3 seasons. Definite go-to outfit material.

Plus, on another positive note, most of this outfit I got on sale. The jeans are gap and were 40% off and the tee was marked down to $9. Thank god for quality basics!

Not pictured: a knit black cardigan because it was a little chilly and my stressed-out-totally-panicked face as I rushed around trying to complete work for a school assignment.  

What is one of your go-to outfits/wardrobe pieces? 

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