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March 10, 2014

This Week's Wishes
  1. Stay on Top of School Work: Last week we had one full snow day and then a half day after that. So needless to say, we all felt a little off. Plus, springing ahead didn't help anything. This week my goals is to stay on top assignments and tests that are coming up and aim to get them done early. I've been feeling a bit out of my normal groove.
  2. Hit The Gym 3x: I think 3 is a good # to strive for. Hopefully, if I can make 3x a habit, then it will be easy to work my way up to 4 and so on from there. 
  3. Make Some $: Being a full time student w/ an ambassadorship position on the side, I don't exactly have a job (though I've applied for a few). So, I typically have to get a little creative with the way I earn extra $. I'm hoping to give the app Field Agent a try and might use this as an opportunity to purge some things out of my closet that no longer fit or that I never wear and attempt to resell the bulk of it (yes, I'm taking to you trendy black body con dress from Forever21 that I've wore once). 
  4. Blog 4x: Like I said earlier, I've been kind out of my normal groove and that includes my blogging groove too. Let's get back to it. Luckily, I have a lot of awesome posts planned for this week (and my first guest poster)! 
  5. Try a New Hairstyle: The last thing on my mind during busy weeks is my hair normally. I'm not too experimental with my hair now that it's longer and usually sport it in a bun, ponytail, or straight down. Tutorials aren't really that helpful because I'll be going from step to step and then it'll get to a part where I'm just like "HOW IS THAT HAPPENING?!" and it magically becomes this amazing style. So, yeah, there's that. This week, I want to try at least one new hairstyle that I haven't tried before. This could be potentially disastrous, but I'll give it the old college try. 

Reflecting: Last Week's Wishes
  • Sign an Apartment Lease: I didn't sign the lease (that will come closer to move in), but I did just put down a deposit on my perfect-for-me apartment for the fall! I'm so excited that this is taken care of and I can go through the rest of the semester without the worry of where I'm living next semester weighing on my shoulders. Hooray. 
  • Add More Product to My Society6 Shop: I haven't gotten around to this. Le sigh.
  • Write More / Take More Pictures: With a looming photography project and a few guest posts waiting in the wing, I definitely accomplished both of these things!
  • Go for More Walks: Instead of going for more walks, I've been attending more Zumba classes, which I feel is a pretty fair trade off! It felt good to get back into the gym after a little hiatus.  
  • Drink More Water: I'm happy to report that I've done much better regarding water consumption. Every time I head into the kitchen and fill up my cup with ice, I have a moment where I remember that I need to drink my water and more times than not I opt for water. Here's to small steps. Next step: invest in a water bottle.

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  1. Anonymous3/10/2014

    You have set some really great & achievable goals this week! You totally got this!

  2. Good luck on the gym!!! It is so hard to go with everything going on but I am sure you will do amazing at all of your goals!!!!

  3. Your pictures are stunning! Can't wait to see what else you post in your shop. Also, great goals. Have a great week! :) (PS i call my friends lovie too, great minds right).

  4. I love doing new things to my hair! I always feel like a new woman lol Good luck on your goals this week!

  5. All great goals! I need to work on drinking more water and staying on top of schoolwork as well, ha but it's killllinggggg me!

  6. Great goals this week. I am trying to make it three times this week. I did two last week.

  7. Oh heyyyy Blair! ;) can't wait to shop your upper east-sider closet! xoxo


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