Spring Shoes I'm Loving

April 17, 2014

I'll be upfront, shoes haven't always been my favorite fashion item. I used to find shopping for them boring and monotonous. I never (and still pretty much don't) saw the value in investing in trendy shoes especially since they were so expensive and could only be worn for a season or two.

I'm one of those people that really wears their clothes, if you know what I mean. I don't approach clothing and accessories gently. Do I take good care of them? Yes. Do I actually live in them? YES. I will invest in something nice and get my money's worth, wearing it until it's thin. You never have to worry about me buying expensive items and letting them go to waste in the closet. No. If I'm spending $300 on a pair of boots, by goodness I'm going to be wearing them at every opportunity possible. I make my clothing part of my life and wear it in. I love that about myself. 

Now that I'm inching ever closer to senior year and the real world, aka 9-5 jobs that require me to wear something other leggings, an oversized t-shirt, and Nike's, I've been really trying to remind myself to curate nice, versatile *adult* pieces of clothing here and there. 

My brain has been hard wired to shoes this month. I don't know if it's just because I'm not a huge fan of spring clothing (pastels, whites, and florals...let's move on now) or if my innate drive to buy sandals for warmer weather has kicked in, but I've really been loving what I'm seeing shoe wise so far this spring! I'm loving the idea of staples and neutral colors. I'm also loving the practical chunky (but not too chunky) heels that make every hint at possible stability while wearing them. I'm loving all the straps and simple buckles. These spring shoes are just to die for!

Though some styles are slightly trendier than others, none of these shoes feels too trendy or too out there for me. I could see wearing most of these shoes for a long time and I love that. All of the attributes (neutral color, sturdy, simplistic, and can be worn for many seasons) makes all of these shoes total winners in my book. 

*Fingers crossed that I get a paid internship, so I can own some of these beauts!*

Although, I'd give a limb for any of these perfect spring soles, I couldn't resist sharing my absolute favorites from above (+ some similar shoes that almost made the collage)! Here's my top 5:

My Top 5 Favorites:
  1. Under the Sun Heel (similar)
  2. Essie Heel (also comes in brown) (similar)
  3. Natural Instincts Sandal (similar) (similar)
  4. Habitual Heeled Sandal 
  5. Madelynn Sandal
P.S. you can see all of these shoes and more pinned to my Pinterest board entitled "Wear"

What spring trends / shoe-looks are you loving? Let me know!

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  1. Anonymous4/17/2014

    I love all of these! I've really been wanting to invest in a nice pair of nude pumps; I'll have to check out the ones you shared. Thanks for spring suggestions!


  2. Yep, wanting ALL of these!!
    xo TJ


  3. I am the exact same way about wearing clothes and "adult" shoes, especially. I want to buy shoes that are both fashionable and practical, and sometimes that can be difficult when it comes to heels.

    I'm loving the ankle straps and chunkier heels that prevent from teetering. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are all great choices and can definitely be worn for years to come! I'm the same as you in that I definitely wear my clothes, and wear them til they die, or if I decide to sell them to Platos Closet.

  5. Love all these!! Perfect for all sorts of spring/summer outfits!

  6. I'm loving the strappy flat sandals! I hate when my feet are exposed though so I pretty much only wear flats lol.


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