Ways I've Procrastinated (This Week)

May 06, 2014

I have two finals today and two more on Thursday. I'm so close to being done and I cannot wait until that moment comes where I hand in that last final exam and book it straight out of my college town for a three day weekend (before starting summer classes...ugh). On one hand I'm excited to be through with this semester (which has been one of my busiest/hardest to date) and on the other hand I'm mildly disgusted that I'll be a senior in college. Where did all the time go?! I'm feeling old over here. Sigh.

On a different note though, I thought I'd share some ways (some mundane and some totally ridiculous) that I've been doing to subconsciously avoid studying. Welcome to my past week of procrastination, in list form:

  • Wrote this blog post
  • Watched an entire half season of Vampire Diaries (because it's not like I haven't seen it before)
  • Played on the Greek God app for hours on end
  • Napped (and by napped, I mean like 4 hours at a time)
  • Went to the gym for a 3 mile cardio session on the elliptical
  • Spent too much time on Thought Catalog
  • Ate all the meals and snacks available to me
  • Sent out "Good luck on finals, you'll do great!" texts to people in hopes that it will bring me my own good karma for finals week
  • Went to Sonic with a friend and proceeded to talk for an hour
  • Began packing up my things so I can move out
  • Showered for an excessive amount of time, because when is there a better time to shave my legs, do a face mask, and deep condition my hair all in one sitting?
  • Finally got around to doing laundry
  • Decided to re-watch all the trailers for The Fault in Our Stars and 22 Jump Street
  • Also, the trailer for Like Crazy (which I've seen and has been out for two years)
  • AND find the soundtrack on Spotify
  • Went for a walk outside because the weather is gorgeous and being inside feels like torture
  • Amused myself by reading Yik Yak, where every other person on this campus is procrastinating/talking about how finals studying is going
  • Called my Dad
  • Filmed my first vlog (will be in tomorrow's post)
  • Made a to-do list and started brainstorming other lists
  • Facebook creeped on at least 3 people I don't actually care about at all
  • Spent too much time on Tumblr collecting gifs to use in the future

So, to end this post off right with a gif from previously mentioned procrastination time, here's how I'm feeling so far about finals week/end of junior year:

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  1. Charli Beaumont5/08/2014

    I am so with you on spending too much time on tumblr...it's addictive!




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