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June 16, 2014

I know it's been a beat since I've posted weekly wishes, but I really enjoy these posts, so I thought I'd get back to posting them. These posts always start the week off on the right note and it's great to see all my hopes, goals, and intentions laid out in front of me! 

Also, I chose the summery stock photo above for this post today because my family and I are taking a family vacation to the beach this week. By the time y'all read these wishes hopefully I'll have a base tan and have consumed at least one fruity cocktail! 

This Week's Wishes

  • Don't Forget to Exercise: I sort of fell off the health wagon, but this vacation is giving me lots of excuses to be outdoors and active. For the next week it'll be lots of swimming, trudging through sand, walking, and maybe even a little biking. Getting active in ways you don't normally get to is the best. My most favorite unconventional cardio activity? Jumping on Jack's new trampoline. It's so much fun and I definitely work up a sweat!
  • Get Back Into The Blogging Swing: I aim to blog 4-5 days in this next week. After two/three weeks out, I'm sort of feeling out of practice. Even though I'm at the beach I hope to share some pictures from my #ashleegoesonanadventure experience and just get back into the general blogging swing. Plus, hopefully I'll be able to share some fun beach/summer related posts. Oh, and I need to finish going through/commenting on all the blog posts I missed while I was away.
  • Experiment With Minimalist Makeup: Beach time calls for minimalism when it comes to the makeup department. My skin isn't exactly at it's peak, so my goal is to find the right amount of makeup for still feeling gorgeous, but adhering to the climate where I'll be frequently near water, sweating, and/or feeling hot. Also, my goal is dodge burns with lots of SPF and a fabulous new oversized floppy hat. 
  • Write Down Blog Post Ideas / Blog Goals: There's nothing better than having quiet time to sit and brainstorm in a journal. I've just now started to write again. Pen to paper always feels good and is perfect for the pace of lazy beach vacation.
  • Read a New Book: There were lots of books I wanted to take to the beach, but I've decided to select from the ones I already own as $ saving move. Is anyone else guilty of grabbing a book and never cracking it open? Or how about grabbing a book and only reading the first fifty pages and never getting around to finishing it? I'm guilty as charged. There's a lot of quarter read reads that could be finished up! However, I did snag the iBook of Palo Alto by James Franco to read on the iPad. Can't wait to dig in!
What are your goals/wishes for this week? Let me know! Also, today would be a perfect day to follow me on instagram to keep up with me while I'm on vacation!

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  1. Love this list. I don't usually make weekly wishes, but if I did, my list would look like this one every single week :) Have a wonderful week! xx


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