Kimono + Bright Shorts, A Summer Sibling "Style" Post

July 23, 2014

(photos edited with 'Petal' from the ABM Mini Collection)

I feel like I'm always qualifying my style posts with the fact that they're not so much style posts, but really more like "I felt like I looked decent today, so I decided to document it" posts. Sunday was one of those sorts of days. I decided to meet up with a college friend for lunch in Little Rock, which was extra exciting since I hadn't gotten to see her all summer due to incompatible schedules (internship for her / travelling for me). I took this lunch date as an opportunity to pull myself together as I so often don't during lazy summer days.

I recently purchased this fun kimono and have been wearing it about once a week since I bought it. I'm sure the newness will wear off in time, but for now I'm just as infatuated with it as ever. I love kimonos and am so happy they're in style right now. They're flowy, flattering, versatile, and just plain pretty to look at! Usually, I've been wearing it with high-waisted denim, tucked in tank-top, and printed sandals. Instead, this time I tried an oversized tank that's been gathered to the side and tied, bright shorts for some punch, and nude sandals. This combo felt more brunchy instead of beachy which was more of what I was going for. I topped it off with Revlon Colorburst Lip Lacquer in Tease, which has been one of my absolute favorite summer lip colors.

Jack couldn't resist getting in on the action and this activity gave us some time to bond together, just the two of us. Photographing with him can be a roller coaster. It's usually very candid and unpredictable. I never know what he'll do or what he'll suggest. He's very active in the decision making as far as what poses or what new things we want to try to capture on camera. One of us jumping? Sure! One of us high-fiving? Cool! One of us spinning around? You got it! Needless to say, we've tried a lot (with the mixed results to prove it)! His energy levels are also pretty up and down. Some moments he's totally into it and in the next moment he'd rather be off jumping on the trampoline. It's a process. 

Jack has also been really wanting to try photographing some. Getting his two hands around the camera is a top priority for him. The camera is a bit too heavy/large for him, but he always finds a way to make it work. He's become a pro at looking through the view finder and getting his subject lined up to his standards. In fact, the two pictures of me by myself were taken by him with no help at all! The first one, he told me to spin and this is captured during that moment. The second was after we were done officially shooting and he just wanted to take a picture of me (hence the undesirably cluttered background). However, I ended up liking those two shots better than any of the ones I'd captured via timer. I'm super proud of his interest and though letting him handle my camera by himself is one of the most nerve racking things ever, I'm trying to feed that interest. He's learning through experience and I love that.

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  1. Great kimono and I love the idea of a sibling style post. So cute your brother got in on the fun

  2. Great post thank you.


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