I Wish I Wasn't So Good At...

July 24, 2014

(Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so good at inhaling oreo freezee's like it's my day job!)

I wish I wasn't so good at...

  • Procrastinating important things
  • Devouring carb-rich foods like it's my job (see above)
  • Worrying about the future constantly
  • Putting up emotional walls without noticing
  • Putting myself down from time to time because I think I should be more accomplished/skinnier/tanner/happier/etc etc
  • Sleeping in until noon and subsequently staying up all night
  • Not answering my texts
  • Leaving my space messier than I'd like 
  • Finding unique, yet fruitless ways to spend money
  • Coming up with ideas for mixed drinks
  • Getting hooked on things to a mini-obsession like status
  • Feeling so nostalgic all the time
  • Wasting time online
  • Rewatching episodes Gossip Girl on Netflix
  • Feeling anxiety when taking pictures in public with my nice camera
What are some things you wish you weren't so dang good at?!

P.S. - This post is inspired by this post over at Miss Julia Paige's blog!

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  1. I agree with everything, except I wish I wasn't so good at watching "Pretty Little Liars" on Netflix. It's gross how quickly I devour that teen drama

  2. Oh my gosh I totally relate! I'm so thankful i'm not the only one rewatching Gossip Girl episodes...

  3. Absolutely not! Gossip Girl is my go-to comfort show. I've never regretted going on a mini-binge with my favorite upper east siders! Plus, I've been super obsessed with NYC lately, so it's perfect. Haha!

  4. I too seem to fall down the PLL hole every now and again. I don't watch consistently, but devour large chunks in segments every few months. It's addicting! xoxo

  5. There's a good few things I'm guilty of there. Procrastinating is my biggest let down and I'm a sucker for all the wrong foods. A little tip for the later is to follow people on instagram who make really healthy foods and take awesome pictures of it. I've been doing this recently and actually started craving fruit and veg. It's all about tricking the mind.


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