How to Banish Writer's Block (ft Ellen from A Pop of Pink)

August 19, 2014

It's Tuesday and today I'm excited to bring you a post that is short, sweet, and #relateable as can be. I was thrilled when Ellen from A Pop of Pink volunteered to write a guest post for me while I took this week to primarily focus on sorority recruitment (have you seen this girl's adorable blog?), but was even more thrilled when she told me she wanted to talk about banishing that all too familiar writer's block - or as I like to sometimes call it on occasion, blogger's block. 

I've always loved to write, so the concept of writer's block is a familiar one for me. Especially since I also blog in my spare time. I feel like I'm constantly needing to write in one form or another, whether it be privately or publicly. The pressure to come up with fresh and original content while captivating your audience and staying true to your voice is a harder task than it may initially seem. If you're a blogger/writer you've most likely been there, but I also want to encourage you non-bloggers/avid writers to give some of Ellen's tips a shot. Because even if the last thing you got stuck for words on writing was your Art History mid-term essay (been there!), a change of scenery, a notebook of ideas, and pulling from what you know never hurt anyone.  

Take it away Ellen!

I’m Ellen, author of the fashion and lifestyle blog, A Pop of Pink! I’m from Pennsylvania, and I’m a rising senior at the University of Pittsburgh. A few things I love are iced coffee, monograms, Reese Witherspoon movies, and the beach. The inspiration to create my blog came from a passion for writing, an infatuation with the color pink, and a love for fashion.

Lately I've been trying to come up with ideas and posts for my blog, A Pop of Pink. Especially as I'm preparing to go back to school, I know life will get a whole lot busier. It can be difficult to be creative all the time, especially if you want to update content frequently.

I thought I'd share tips for getting rid of writer's block to not only help myself, but other bloggers as well. And of course, writer's block isn't unique to just bloggers, so a few of these tips are applicable to anyone.

1.  Change of scenery: If you're sitting at a desk, get up and walk around. Take a break and grab a coffee or a snack. Moving around can help you refocus.
2.  Keep a notebook: I have a notebook I carry around with me at all times. Sometimes I'm at work and an idea pops into my head that I don't want to forget. Write it down. You never know where you'll find inspiration. Just make sure you write enough that it will make sense when you go back and look at your ideas later!
3.  Write what you know: Readers want to get to know you. If you're willing, share about your personal experiences.
4.  Ask your readers: Your readers should always be a source of inspiration. You can ask for comments or ideas on what they want to read about.
5.  Read other blogs: I love to read what other bloggers are writing about. They often spark new ideas for me.
6.  Guest blogging: Guest blogging can be a great way to feature different content on your site that you don't normally write about. Again, other bloggers can inspire you.

Most importantly, don’t stress about not finding the right word, sentence, idea or thought right away. The writing process is intense and time-consuming, but it’s so rewarding once the ideas start flowing.


Thanks again Ellen, a girl after my own heart, for sharing some great tips! If you can't get enough, head on over to a Pop of Pink to experience more of Ellen, her fashion and her lifestyle. 

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  1. Love this! I have to say that having a notebook is my favourite thing ever, I always have fleeting thoughts and love to make sure I remember them! And a change of scenery, or simply doing new things is just always great to get new ideas! Reading blogs around the blogosphere has also helped me in the past few months, whenever I need inspiration, my fellow bloggers always help! :)

  2. I like the idea of asking readers for suggestions. It's interesting and enlightening to know what people want to read about


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