An Introverted Girl's Guide to Sorority Recruitment (ft. Zoe from La Vie en Zoe)

August 18, 2014

Happy Monday! I know it's been a beat, but I'm so beyond excited to share today's post with you. This post honestly could not have come at a more perfect time. Last week was work week, or as my sisters and I like to call it, spirit week leading up to recruitment (hence my mini absence). Yesterday, officially started recruitment 2014 at the University of Arkansas (and maybe a few other schools too?) and it's been so exciting to experience everything recruitment related one last time as a senior. Parts have already been emotional for me, but overall there's been so much positive energy regarding this last recruitment phase. 

When I was reading this guest post, I constantly found myself nodding in perfect agreement. Zoe's advice is simple, insightful, and really hits home for me. I'm definitely an introvert and the idea of going through recruitment was a terrifying one freshman year. In fact, nearly backed out at the last minute. However, I'm so happy that I did not because otherwise I would not have found my home base, my center, some of my best friends, and half of my collegiate experiences/opportunities. When it came time to go through recruitment again, except from the other side, sophomore year, I found myself equally nervous to go through such a lively, unnatural yet necessary process all over again. 

So, if you're an introverted girl at heart on either side of recruitment (PNM or member), this one is for you! 

 If you're anything like me, you feel physically scared at the idea of spending no less than eight hours a day for seven days with over 150 people, or meeting over 100 people in a single night in crowded rooms while trying to make a good first impression. This is a very real thing, and it's called sorority recruitment. While every school is a little bit different, sorority recruitment can be the most daunting experience for any introverted lady. However, it doesn't have to be! These are some of my tips to totally rock recruitment, even if you're an introvert. 

Do not pretend to be an extrovert.
Do not feel like you have to be the girl screaming the loudest, being the most expressive, or being the bubbliest. Embrace your personality and let those positives shine through. I’m a good listener, and sometimes the women I talked to just needed someone to listen to their fears and concerns. They always felt better walking away knowing that someone really took the time to listen to what they had to say. Recruitment is already an unnatural process, and it’s pretty obvious when you’re faking your personality. Talking to someone who seems like an over-caffeinated, nervous spaz does not help anybody. You are trying to find your lifelong sisters. Pretending that you are someone you’re not isn’t fair to you, or to your future sisters. Be yourself! You are worth loving just the way you are.

Find a quiet space, and make it sacred!
After all of the recruitment activities for the day – prep, parties, clean up, dinner, and post-recruitment celebrations – are through, take some time for you to be by yourself. Find a space that you love and just relax. Recruiters: This is especially important for the work week leading up to recruitment. You will be spending a minimum of 8 hours a day for seven days (likely more) with your entire sorority practicing conversation, introductions, and the scream-chants that must be the perfect volume and perfectly synchronized come Recruitment. Take ten minutes at the end of every day to spend some time by yourself to re-charge. I would go to the basement of my house and read a book with some tea. It was so helpful for me to be by myself and find some peace.

Pamper yourself.
I got a manicure and pedicure by myself before recruitment. While it would have been fun to go with my sisters, I also just needed the time to take care of myself. I know I get this way, but if you are overwhelmed by the amount of time, energy, and activity that Recruitment requires, taking care of yourself is a must! Do yoga, go for a walk, get enough sleep, drink a lot of tea (all that talking takes a toll on your vocal cords – I recommend Celestial Seasoning’s Honey Vanilla Chamomile), and most importantly take care of your mental health and spiritual health. You will be exhausted, but it is so important that you’re healthy! If you get so rundown that you can’t even make it to Bid Day to meet your new sisters, then what did you put in all that work for?

Don’t talk about recruitment all the time.
 It will definitely be occupying much of your time, energy, and thought for at least a few weeks. Don’t talk about it all the time or you will get overwhelmed and nervous (or more nervous and overwhelmed than you already are). In class, do not talk about Recruitment. When I’m with my non-Greek friends, I won’t talk about Recruitment. There is no need to talk about it during every waking hour. Everyone knows that it’s happening, they know how stressful it is, and they know how exciting it is.
Recruiters: When you are at the workweek, or any Recruitment workshop, work hard. Put in 100% effort. If someone asks you about it, answer their questions. Just don’t feel like that has to be your entire conversation with anyone. Make sure you talk about the other exciting things that are happening too!

Embrace it, enjoy it, and let it empower you!
Recruitment was probably the most stressful three weeks of my second year, but it was also the most invigorating! It will be weird and awkward at times, but don’t let it get to you. Learn from your mistakes, but also let them go.  I was so empowered during recruitment. I got to know my sisters that I didn’t know that well. It helped me appreciate that even though my sisters and I are all so different, and some of my friends are the most extroverted people I will ever meet, we all love each other and our sisterhood is amazing. I felt so confident coming out of recruitment that my sorority was where I wanted to be, my sisters would have my back, and that these women I met were some of the most amazing I would ever know. I grew tremendously in my public speaking skills, networking skills, and my relationships with my friends. I look back on Recruitment with a smile, and I’m looking forward to the next one and finding my new sisters!

How do you make it through recruitment? Any advice for introverts?


Special thanks again to Zoe for sharing such awesome and 100% true advice! You can catch more of Zoe on her blog La Vie en Zoe!

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