Letters V.6

October 07, 2014

This is where I pour my heart out to the tangible, intangible, metaphorical, and sometimes inanimate.

Dear October, we're barely into the first week, yet I'm so inspired by you already. I can't help but smile at all the pumpkins lining grocery stores walk-ups, chillier than normal days, pumpkin streusal cupcakes at my favorite cupcake shop, PSL's, apples everywhere, cider, Halloween movies, and how the leaves are just now beginning to change colors. With so much going on you're going to be such a fun month. I'm excited and ready. Let's do it, October.

Dear Apples, sitting on the couch and peeling an entire bag of you has saved my sanity for the past two weeks. I love sitting there watching a movie and absentmindedly peeling seven of you right in row. It's just me and my paring knife and it's calming in the weirdest sort of way. The slow methodical process makes me feel productive. I love you apples. You're so yummy and fresh and in season. I've made glorious cobblers, pies, and individual packets of baked apples from you. Never stop being so delicious.

Dear Library, I haven't regretted a second of getting a library card. I love sitting there and admiring your crisp rows of neat books, desks snuggled away in tight corners, and the large windows on the top floor revealing our beautiful, palatial town. I love wandering up and down the never ending shelves and touching the spines of all the books you have. I like that you smell like warm coffee and old paper. I love that you have a section labeled "micro-film readers." I love the quiet. I've borrowed four books and those are I'm sure only the first of very many.

Dear Sweatpants from High School, thanks for still fitting. Your over-sized glory was never so appreciated as it was last weekend when I came home and wanted to sleep for three days straight. I may or may not have danced upon putting you on and feeling that vague sense of comfort and freedom all at once. I reveled in your worn, but thick fabric, the small holes at the hems, and the inexplicable paint stains from nights long ago. You feel like home.

Dear Planner, you're filling up fast, but remember that it's the good kind of busy. Fill yourself up with academia and work. Go to meetings and contribute brave ideas. Research and explore. Volunteer your time to worthy causes and also to yourself. Meet for coffee with friends and go to the gym regularly. Carve out weekends for solitude. Don't lose focus or be overwhelmed. You got this.

Dear Leggings, why do you get holes so easily? I feel like no matter how many pairs I buy, I always end up needing to replace most of you. If you weren't so cheap, I'd knock it off. However, it's about to chilly out and I need your cooperation. So, another $8 bites the dust.

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