Out of the Archives: Reconciling Opposites Project

October 02, 2014

It's been awhile since I've shared some work with you guys, but I always enjoy sharing projects in their various states. This is the temporarily finished product from a project I turned in two weeks ago. The project was to "reconcile opposites." It was exceptionally open-ended (which is a good and bad thing). We were encouraged to pit design principles against one another (textured vs smooth / large vs small / color vs black and white / etc), while still finding a harmonious balancing or reconciling of said opposites. It took me longer than I'd care to admit to come up with an idea for this project. 

I kept getting held up on the "reconciling" part. It's not hard to focus on emphasizing conflict and differences, but to somehow combine them and make something work together at the same time is a bit more challenging. I started beginning to think about the concept of yin and yang and that led me to depicting left brain versus right brain visually. Left brain processes logic and systematic data. It's fluid and rational. Right brain processes information in segments and is responsible for things like creativity. 

So, that taken into consideration, I got to work. The left brain side was constructing using a gridded guideline and lots of pen tool that built on top of each other. It was set to grey scale and given a font that matches the overall systematic, grid look I was going for. The right brain side is segmented, no two pieces connecting, and colored in bright mismatched hues. There's more twists and turns and dynamic energy to the right side. The text is incomplete and segmented as well.

I would like to keep pushing this piece. My instructor and I even talked blowing this up huge and approaching it from a mix media standpoint, which sounds incredible.

Thanks for letting me share my first piece of the semester. Hopefully, I'll be shaking a bit more dust off the pen tool in my next project!

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