Currently: It's Already November?! Edition

November 05, 2014

(November's been a rather rainy one!)

Okay, so the weirdest thing just happened to me guys. I looked up and we'd fallen back an hour and it was November. Uhm, WHAT?! October flew by in a blink! Between midterms on midterms, fall break, and road trips to visit friends, October was one of the most jam packed months for sure. Naturally, I fell off the blogging train a little bit with all of the personal craziness going on. However, that's just not sitting well with me. I miss this space. I miss writing. I miss coming up with post ideas during the more boring segments of lecture. I miss this.

Let's never go this long again without speaking, okay?

Here's what I've been up to:

Reading: I just returned my first public library haul (mainly because I was out of renewals) and decided to pick up a few new books to delve into. I picked up Overwhelmed by Brigid Schulte, Flings by Justin Taylor, and a short book memoir-esque book chronicling Sylvia Plath's last days as remembered by a friend of hers. We'll see how these selections live up to the amazing books I just finished up.

Watching: Still keeping up with AHS Freakshow and Vampire Diaries each week on TV. On Netflix I'm re-watching How I Met Your Mother and am almost to season 9 for the second time. I'm also spending way too much time watching Youtubers like Marcus Butler, Joe Sugg, Zoella, PointlessBlog, Tanya Burr, Tyler Oakley, Equals Three,  Jenna Marbles, Connor Franta and Caspar Lee. Their channels make me laugh which is exactly what I need after a long day. Anyone else watch any of the aforementioned? Also, what should I watch next of Netflix?

Listening to: I haven't been really listening to much lately, which I really need to change. Mostly it's just been old go-to playlists in the morning when I get ready in addition to bits and pieces's of 1989 by Taylor Swift (like the rest of the masses).

Eating: I made this Bang Bang Chicken recipe again this week for lunch (and I added ranch seasoning to the panko mix). It was just as yummy the second time around as the first - maybe even yummier. Also, I took the filling for this recipe and put into a pie/cheesecake type of form. It got rave reviews from friends!

Working on: Writing lots and lots this month in honor of Nanowrimo, registering for spring classes (aka my last semester of college...eek!), advanced design projects that deal with geometry, keeping my Spanish grade up (yikes), blogging more regularly, plans to tweak my portfolio website, finding school/work/personal life balance, and not spending too much money eating out this month.

Looking forward to: What this month has in store, creating work, continually growing as person, potential visits from friends, planning out and executing more blog content, and hopefully getting my sleep schedule back on track.

Online loving: ABM's new shop (squealing for weeks over these ladies, their dream, and this awesome shop they've put together), the fact that you can take Blogshop ANYTIME from home now (!!!), this hair style, this post about "enjoying the process," and Lora Mathis's ongoing photo series entitled Girl.

What are you currently up to? P.S. - here's an update on the fall to do list so far!

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