Embarrassing Things You Can Do When You Live Alone

November 06, 2014

This post is related to a post I did not too far back about things I've gotten better at since living solo. In case you didn't know, this year I've decided to live on my own for the first time during my senior year of college. It's been a really interesting ride thus far! It's been filled with lots of really great moments, and alternatively, some moments where I calling my parents so I don't feel alone becomes a real thing. It's a toss-up some days, but most days are good.

Today, instead of things I've gotten better at, I thought I'd hash out some of the awesome, awkward, and embarrassing things you can do when you're living solo like me! So without further ado...prepare to be jealous! Well unless you also live alone...then prepare to nod in agreement!

Walking around in semi-nudity or full blown nudity whenever you'd like: The moment I come through that door at the end of the long day my pants and bra are gone almost instantly. #sorrynotsorry. After a shower there's no rush to get myself dressed as quickly as possible, shoving shirts and shorts over impossibly damp skin and hair so as not offend a roommate. Also, sleeping naked? Yeah, that's a thing sometimes...or at least more of a thing than whenever I shared a space the size of my closet with someone else. It's a glorious thing to be so free.

Letting things pile up: Stacks of clothes on the floor or overflowing the hamper? Dishes in the sink? Trash that should have been taken out yesterday? WHO CARES?! Certainly not me. Okay, well, I do care...just not as much as if I were to be rooming with someone who actually wants to keep a pretty tidy space nearly 100% of the time. I'm not saying that I live in a disaster zone by any means, but I am saying that because I don't have anyone to appease or impress, I can sometimes put things off that I otherwise wouldn't. When you live with a roommate there's a general sense of courtesy going on between the two of you (or at least there should be). You don't let things pile up quite so much whenever you live with someone else for fear of being reminded constantly to take out the trash or pick up your laundry by someone's whose space is spic and span.

Designate spaces of your apartment for untraditional things: My getting ready spot in the morning (aka the place where I do makeup and hair)? It's my living room. When I lived in my first apartment with a roommate, I got ready in my bathroom. In the sorority house, I got ready on my bed (mostly because there was limited space and mirrors). Now, I get ready every morning in my living room by the front door in front of a full length mirror. My makeup and main hair staples stay there 24/7 unless I know in advance I'm having company over. It's a little odd, but totally awesome. Ahhhh...one of the perks of living alone!

Sing loudly to yourself // have full length convos with yourself/inanimate objects: With no one around to chat with, I consistently find myself singing or muttering things to myself or things in my apartment. Example: "Where are you keys? Oh, there you are. Why do you always disappear on me like that? Come on, sit right here on this table now...I'm gonna need you in a minute." This happens especially if I'm making food (because, duh, I got to read the steps/ingredients out loud and vigorously comment on how I'm probably in over my head), watching Netflix, or trying to get my things ready for school. The benefit to living alone is that no one can judge you for openly singing the Frozen soundtrack as loudly as what won't disturb your neighbors and talking through everything to yourself.

No shame appearance upkeep: There's no need to hide or seamlessly time your beauty upkeep routines now. When I lived in the sorority house, I decided to quit tanning in the bed and start relying on lotion to achieve my glow. The only problem with tanning lotion? It needs to be applied everywhere for a consistent look, which means it was ideal for me to apply naked. I'd have to wait until my roommate left during a block of the day in order to accomplish the feat. Now I can put on any kind of lotion anywhere I please during any time of the day. I can slough the dead skin off my feet, clip my nails, wax my 'stasche, and apply a less than appetizing looking face mask. Though maybe these things are a tad unsavory, I think every girl goes through some not-so-gorgeous processes in order to stay looking gorgeous. Am I right?

Take an unlimited amount of selfies: Sure, like twenty of them will never see the light of day, but that's okay. If you're having a good face/hair/outfit day and you feel the need to document in excess then you go girl. If the lighting is extra fabulous? You go girl. Take as many self indulgent, awesome selfies as you'd like without getting any eye rolls or comments about narcissism in the process. Also, on a related note, you can make the ugliest faces in your snapchats without fear of being seen by a potentially judgmental second party. Total win.

Got anything to add to my list of awesome/awkward/embarrassing things above? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. hahaha so true! Although I live with my boyfriend, but it's basically the same :)

  2. Ha I love this! I've never actually lived on my own but I live with my husband and all of these things happen anyway! :)


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