If We Were Having Tea I'd Tell You...

December 04, 2014

This post is really similar and in the spirit of the endless "Coffee Talk" posts that are happening around the blogosphere (Maidae does a great one!). I love the open forum, friendly atmosphere, and ease that these types of posts are associated with so I thought I'd bring my version of a Coffee Talk post here to Dearie Lovie. I chose to go for Tea Talk mainly because I'm tea gal over a coffee gal. I love coffee, but the physical side effects it has on my body tend to outweigh the pleasure of drinking it. Thus, I have found my home and niche in drinking tea. So, everybody grab a cup of tea and gather round! Today, I'm drinking earl gray, with a splash of milk, and one sugar. Cheers!


#DocumentingDecember is a personal project of mine I'm working on this month. I'm setting out to document more than ever before. I really need to use my cameras more often and I've had a general goal to write, blog, and video more lately. I want to get comfortable using my camera in daily life. Plus, this time in my life feels exceptionally precious. I need to let go of the fear and just create - in whatever medium it may be and despite whether these projects will see the light of day. It's nice to remind myself that not every project or documented part of my life has to be for public consumption. To let go and just create sounds simple, but it's actually very brave.

The urge to video more has been one of the top reasons for #DocumentingDecember. If I started to include videos in this space, what would you guys be interested in seeing? Let me know if you have any suggestions!

A Little Life Update

This week has been one of the busiest weeks of the semester, guys. There's been a whirlwind of stress, planning, procrastinating, researching, writing, and mild panicking. BUT, there has also been many good things to accompany it. I got a great email this week regarding an internship I applied for a few months ago for a dream company of mine and my parents were gracious enough to buy me an early Christmas present in the form of a desk while I was home for Thanksgiving. Since I don't have much furniture, this has been one of the best things ever. I am lucky to have a great guy friend who was willing to help me assemble it (aka he did most of the assembling and I did most of the complaining and tool handing). My parents also got me new ink for my printer, so I'm now an actual fully operational student. Insane!

It's crazy to me how fast this semester has flown by and to think about how next semester will be my last as an undergrad. Part of me feels excited and hopeful and the other part of me kind of feels like I'm drowning. Regardless, I'm going to give this last bit my all.

Girl, Check This Out
  • This post on Tumblr of a golden retriever dressed up in different ways had me cracking up!
  • Meet my latest "celeb crush" (could I feel more like I'm 14 right now?), or if you will, #mancrushmonday
  • Is it wrong that I laughed at this shirt for a solid bit of time? Rap lyrics on classic paintings is everything. I think it's the art history major in me...
  • On repeat: Drunk by Ed Sheeran

What's going on with you this week? Let me know!

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  1. you are adorable & so is your blog, i'm so happy to have found it! i love this tea talk post, i think they are all such lovely ideas & i like that they've taken off in the blog world! #documentingdecember sounds like a fantastic idea, it's sometimes scary to be creative especially if it involves breaking out your camera in public spaces, i have major issues doing it sometimes, but am always happen when i do.
    i'd love to see any of the photos you take or videos, i think it would be fun to see a "day in my life" type of video!

  2. Brittany12/08/2014

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!♥ Lovely blog you have here!

    Brittany// Polka and Dots


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