Currently: It's March?!

March 02, 2015

Watching: In my spare time I've been devouring HGTV like no one's business. Fixer Upper, Love it or List it, and House Hunters have been on constant rotation (thanks Netflix). All I've wanted to do lately is renovate a house, pick paint colors, and use words like "open floor plan."

Reading: Wanting to really start Jack Kerouac's On The Road. I'm one chapter in so far and it's been collecting dust on my shelves for the past few weeks. It's time to commit to reading for fun again.

Listening To: Everything You Are by Ed Sheeran, Black Sun by Death Cab for Cutie, and Make Me Wanna by Thomas Rhett.

Wearing: Double layers, chunky scarves, boots, and beanies because it's been snowing!

Eating: I've been trying to eat healthier this month! I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and my fridge and did an entire food makeover. I've been taking a lot of inspiration from Vegan/Paleo bloggers and though I could never give up meat/cheese entirely, I feel more compelled to eat all the fruits/veggies! I'm still very much in the exploratory stage of making over my day to day food intake. However, I'm trying little by little to make this a lifestyle change that's forever.

Working On; Lots of work projects, getting my personal portfolio site up to par, and attempting to keep myself accountable and active in every other area of life (blogging, health, family, relationships, personal growth, etc).

Wanting: a road trip, warmer weather/longer days, more hours in a day, and to keep working on my apartment.

Loving: fresh flowers, rose gold creme eyeshadow, the idea of spring, little traditions, and this blog.

What've you been up to? Let me know!

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  1. Good luck with your projects! Also, I hope spring comes sooner for you ;)

    Love, Dara


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