Currently - June

June 16, 2015

Here's what I've been up to this month...

Eating: PB&J's. I don't know what it is about this simple, elementary school favorite that has me swooning exactly. All I do know is that it is the perfect snack morning, noon, or night. I find myself craving this sweet sandwich almost daily and packing it for lunch often.

Wanting: to try Glossier products, to get new sheets, buy new lipstick, an extra day during the weekend (because two just isn't enough), and to try this local food truck that specializes in cookies and ice-cream!

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. My boyfriend naturally drinks the most amount of water I've ever seen of a human being. After a few months, his good habits have rubbed off on me on I find myself drinking water around the clock. At home we invested in tall glasses to aid our water consumption and minimize refilling. I also invested in a really good water bottle that I take to work and refill several times throughout the day. I've noticed such a boost in energy and my skin is looking better than ever.

Watching: The latest season of Orange is the New Black (obviously) and I'm going to be starting the latest season of Game of Thrones. I decided not to keep up watching it from week to week, so now I have a whole glorious season to binge watch over the weekend. P.S. I just went and saw Jurassic World and had my mind blown. Totally worth the hour long wait and definitely lived up to the hype. It may not be the most "deep" movie I've ever seen, but it was entertaining as all get out.

Reading: The Cross Roads of Should and Must by Elle Luna and I'm about to start A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.  Audiobook wise, I'm listening to Gone With The Wind and the Harry Potter Series (again).

Listening To: Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon, the Deep Focus playlist while at work, and in the car I'm still jamming out to Taylor Swift radio on Pandora.

Wearing: I've been sticking to lots of basics lately. They've been my saving grace as I've entered the working world since my "professional wardrobe" is right laughable. Lightweight black and white tops from Gap, solid colored v-necks from Old Navy, skinny jeans, stripped jersey dresses, and chambray shirts have all been saving graces! Also, my Birkinstocks have made a distinct comeback.

Working On: Keeping my head above water on work projects, staying positive, working out more, being more sensitive to those around me, finding time out of the day to carve out something personal and intentional, and not losing touch with myself.

Looking Forward To: The weekend, seeing my family, road trips, date nights, posting something I'm writing about how to unplug like a normal person, and generally the future as a whole.

Loving: Bright colors, this blog, outfit basics, this instagram feed, taking Barre classes, writing, and this online magazine.

What have you been up to currently? I'd love to know!

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  1. Such a great list!! :)


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