Summer To-Do List

June 10, 2015

If you've followed this blog for awhile, you might recall that I have a knack for creating lots of lists, especially seasonal to-do lists! Since it's summertime, though it doesn't really feel like it just yet, I thought I'd take some time to consider a few things I'd like to get accomplished during the sweltering months ahead. Here are a few in no particular order:

  • Go to the pool at least once or twice
  • Eat my weight in snow cones (okay, not literally)
  • Buy one new swimsuit or swimsuit item
  • Somehow manage to get a tan (even though I work 8 hours a day indoors)
  • Take a long weekend road trip 
  • Go to the Farmer's Market
  • Read at least 3 books (I've definitely fallen off the "reading for fun" bandwagon lately)
  • Get a new blender and perfect margarita making skills
  • Invest in a really fun cooler or tote
  • Buy a new pair of cheap, but flattering, sunglasses (because I've been putting off replacing my perfect, albeit broken pair)
  • Make a summer playlist
  • Buy something, whether it be soap, a candle, or a car air freshener, that smells like a tropical getaway (think pineapple, coconut, and mango!)
  • Eat more fresh fruit and drink more water (summer is the perfect time to do so!)
  • Keep fresh, just-because flowers in the house at some point
  • Save $$$ (because soon it'll be like "Merry Christmas! Here's the bill for your $40,000 student loan debt!")
  • Grill out at least once
  • Get my new apartment feeling like "home"
  • Watch fireworks with my favorite people
  • Make more time for working out
  • Take more pictures and videos

I'll be updating this list and documenting along the way. Stay tuned!

But, until then, what's on your summer to-do list? Concerts? Ice-cream? Beaches? Let me know!

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  1. Toni Tanner6/16/2015

    I love this blog post idea! I was thinking about doing one myself but honestly struggled to contain my list as there are just so many things I want to do! Thanks for some of the ideas my top two are theme parks, music festivals and parties with friends :)


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