5 Planners You NEED in Your Life Right Now!

August 24, 2015

Today is the first day back to school for so many of you, and a new academic year always seems to spur new feelings of organizational need. Pretty planners are a back-to-school staple that aren't going out of style any time soon. These agendas aren't just perfect for those hitting the books, they are also perfect for those gals who are working that 9-5 life. So, I thought I may shed some light on planners and agendas that you absolutely need in your life right this second.

  1. 17 mo. Ban.do Agenda (in Flora Bunda) - It's no secret Ban.do agendas have been wildly popular since their inital release over a year ago. The first time around they sold out almost instantly and I sadly missed out. I vowed if they ever came out again, I would snag one up. I plan to make good on this promise. My only problem? I can't decide between their three fabulous cover options. I think I'm leaning towards the Flora Bunda one featured above. Maybe I'll even spring for it in it's large version? Also, the planner offers stickers, fun colors, and a Ban.do to-list that you'll actually want to check off each week.
  2. Large 17 mo. Kate Spade Agenda (in Quick and Curious) - This Kate Spade planner definitely caught my eye. Kate Spade's aesthetic is very clean and modern and they're agendas are a perfect reflection of that. There's several different color options (you can shop a few of the different ones below), but I found myself favoring this quote. I love it especially because of the gold foil. It's the perfect daily agenda for the modern, polished lady on the go.
  3. A Beautiful Mess Academic Agenda (in Striped) - I haven't tried this agenda, but it looks especially promising for those headed back to school. It comes in three fun cover designs that are bright and bold. I found myself favoring this classic striped and hot pink concoction. I love that this agenda comes with plenty of pockets, color, and stickers galore.
  4. 17 mo. Rifle Paper Co. Agenda (in Birch Floral) - I had no idea Rifle Paper Co. even made agendas until recently, but now that I do I can simply never unknow it. I'm not sure if this is a new item they've sneakily added to their repertoire, but either way their agendas are gorgeous. If you're a fan girl of their undeniably feminine florals, then get ready to buy this one. They carry two cover options and both a absolutely lovely. This floral is a bit more classic, while their blue toile cover is a bit more regal. They appear to be large sized and have plenty of space for scheduling just about anything you need.
  5. Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (in Bright Navy Wild Confetti) - I've been a die-hard Lilly Pulitzer agenda girl for nearly four years. I have nothing but good things to say about this agenda. The large agenda is more than enough to get you by. There's plenty of room to write and the Lilly-esque illustrations found throughout make the agenda bright without overdoing it. The agenda comes with stickers (which I love) and tabs which make navigating a breeze. This agenda is perfect for just about any girl in need of a good agenda.

Which agenda/planner is your favorite? Which one have you nabbed recently or at least want to? Let me know!

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