A Few Small Goals for 2017

January 03, 2017

This year is so different than years previous. There was no dread in the pit of my stomach or feelings of hopelessness to accompany the fateful countdown to midnight. I didn’t find myself ruminating on all the things left undone. I didn’t catch myself mourning 2016 the ways I’ve mourned so many years previously. I successfully avoided my "end-of-the-year-funk" and it was refreshing, if we’re being honest.

I transitioned into the New Year peacefully, well as peacefully as one can.

2016 has been dubbed as a universally horrible year by the media, but it has been one of my favorite years to date. There was so much subtle progress and growth this year. Travis and I built our house and mapped out our futures. We both got jobs we love. We grew deeper in our love for Max, our cat. We saved money, paid off a few students loans, and got our finances in order. We ate a lot of Mexican and Greek food. We became more aware of the things we were putting in and on our bodies. We went greener as a response. We joined a gym (it’s all about the first step, right?). We got rid of the horrible brown couch and so many other material things that were taking up valuable space in our apartment and our hearts. We got rid of cable (a huge step) and found ourselves connecting more. We played card games again. We talked a lot more about things that mattered. We went to bed early. We focused our passions a little more. We got closer to God. Went went to church a little more. We prayed together. We were shown the vastness of his blessing and the extent of his kindness/generosity. Our faith grew deeper. We sent Christmas cards. We gave more generously. We made space and time for family. I went to therapy. I worked through a few things I hadn’t realized I had been holding on to. I acknowledged my anger and my anxiety.

There was just so much good in our lives and I’ve never been more thankful.

2016 had its low points and inevitable shortcomings, but on the whole it was one hell of a year. Unlike so many years previous, I don’t find myself hard pressed and unwilling to let it go. I don’t find myself unsure if what’s next will top what has been. I just know it will. There is so much to look forward to and so much work to do.

My goal list for 2016 was a million miles long, but as I tried to conjure up goals for 2017 I found myself with just a small smattering of things to cross off. I found myself focusing in and simplifying. I want only to strive for things I feel good about - things that will contribute to my health and well being. My goals are a bit more intentional and maybe a bit more complex than 2016’s list. However, I’m okay with that.

Be Mindful
Be mindful of what goes in and on my body. Use natural products when possible. Eat healthy more often. Be mindful of digital media consumption (social, news, platforms, negativity). Disengage and disconnect. Be mindful of where money goes. Be mindful of different views and lifestyles/opinions.

Give More, More Often
Donate clothes. Donate to the animal shelter. Tip more generously. Give more time to great causes and passions and less on things that don’t matter. Give more effort at work. Give more hugs to family. Give more time to self care. Just give more…

Be Positive and Solution Oriented
Nag less. Cry less. Complain less. Fight less. Solve more. Do more. Let go more often. Find the silver linings.

Be Student Loan & Debt Free by 2018
Continue down the road to financial freedom through hard work, a solid budget, and mindful spending/saving.

Get to the Gym

No pressure to lose X pounds. No pressure to run X miles for X minutes. Just get to gym and start. Do what feels right for your body. Fight the mental battles. Just get there.

What are your goals for 2017? Let me know!

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