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July 23, 2010

Hey Lovelies! First Things First. Posted A '5 Things Friday' On The Inspiration Blog♥

So After My Cruel Cough-Filled Morning I Finally Managed To Watch American Pie (The Naked Mile) And Take A Nap. Afterward I started getting ready for my lunch-time hangout with Callista Marie. I straightened my hair and packed a few outfits for our photoshoot.

Vintage. Yes, that's definitely what we decided we wanted today's pictures to be themed around. So, armed with flannel shirts, high waisted shorts, crocheted tops, vests, and an authentic Van Halen concert t-shirt, I went over to Callista Marie's for a fun-filled afternoon extravaganza. We started by picking a location. We decided to split between her wonderful garage space and her dynamic backyard. We picked outfits, touched up hair and makeup, and then set to work preparing our space.

See, Callista's garage is like a treasure trove of amazing vintage goodness. Her parents travelled for many years before marrying and they were both former wildchilds of the 70's so we found some pretty amazing stuff in that packed garage. Thousands of old chairs, photos, a box of acrylics, lots of furniture, tools, vanities, skateboards and old toys, broken down junk, christmas decor, and a boc full of amazing records in fabulous condition.

We set up the small space, sweating our makeup off as we did so. We wanted to make the space feel crowded but homely and vintagey to the max. We used a broken down coffee table, a step ladder, a dresser, and oversized mirror, an old barometer, a sail desk decoration, a vintage picture of her parents wedding, a huge leather suitcase from their travels, a to-die-for vintage vaccum cleaner and two vintage blankets to make the space come alive. Armed with sepia tone and records as our prop we went to work.

Unfortunately, I had to use my old camera. It was so slow and the garage was steaming hot. We both loved the concept and the shots but we decided only after about fifteen different shots the jig was up and we had better go in to cool off. Later, we ventured to the backyard. We wanted vintage but bright/earthy at the same time. We utilized broken fences, close hangers, overgrown trees, and a classic picnic table for that shoot.

I truly adore the photos. Here's a sample (Click to make bigger!):

Anyways, I had a lovely day! Tomorrow is officially the weekend!

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